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Valve train spacing?

January 19 2002 at 9:09 PM
Phil  (no login)

Putting together a FE 427 Valve Train:
Here's what I have....(solid lifters):
New Harland roller rockers...replacing my springs between the rockers with these machined aluminum spacers and replacing the aluminum shaft supports with steel ones. I also am replacing my rocker shafts.....
A couple of questions come to mind..
1. Should I put a metal shim between these spacers and my new roller rockers?
2. How much "play" in between them? The movement feels nice on the bench....but start torqueing down the assembly, the rockers start binding a little too much...should I shave a little off the spacers?
3. My new shafts have the one oiling hole for each rocker versus two oil holes on my old ones...Are these '68 hydraulic ones? Can I use these?
I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject...Thanks

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One more thing....

January 20 2002, 7:20 AM 

end stands. They really help to keep the shaft from breaking if you have any valve train harmonics. I use small block Chevy hardened .015 shims with a little grinding with a dremel to get them to go over the shaft if necessary. I put the assembled shaft in the oven and heat it to 300 degrees and try to get .003 side play. I have never galled an aluminum spacer yet doing this, but they are hard anodized so I cant say what a non anodized set would do. You only need the one hole with a non hydraulic rocker. When you get it mocked up and check for roller tip sweep and placement, take a piece of wax paper and place it between the tip and roller while turning the engine slowly over and inspect it. It should not tear if the geometry is right. You may have to adjust up or down on the camshaft to rockershaft centerline or get different length pushrods if it is off. Good luck

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