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Problem with my 390

April 7 2002 at 1:16 PM

Chris  (Login Galaxie1963)

Maybe somebody can help me.I got a 1963½ Mercury Marauder with a Super Marauder 390 engine.When I got it, it was running rough,the carb was leaking(ford 4100)and it needed a tune up bad.New plugs,wires,cap,rotor,points and condensor.Still running bad.I rebuilt the carb,still running bad but sometimes it runs great.I noticed that the cap is loose so I get a new one.It still runs bad and misses.I replace the coil and it runs like shit.I get mad and shut it off.start it 5 mins later and it runs great.Turn it off wait 5 mins hit the key it is still running good.Now I try it 2 days later its will barely run again.Compression is ok.vac is ok.I'm about to beat the car with a hammer,please stop me!!!!aaaarrrruuugggh

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(Login MyStang428CJ)

Fuel pressure????

April 7 2002, 2:16 PM 

Is the fuel pressure good? Perhaps the sock filter in the tank on the sending unit is clogged. You said you just bought the car. Has it been sitting up?
My Stang sat up for a while (2 yrs.) and I had similar problems, only mine has been converted to electronic ignition with the MSD 6AL box and ran like pure crap, until I blew compressed are into the lines and blew the sock filter off the sending unit. When he started running good, I removed the tank for a good cleaning out. I also run 2 filters now, one by the tank and one near the carb, this is just something I did on my car for my peace of mind. Has run great since.
Hope this helps.

Dark Ivy Green Metallic 1970 Mach 1 Mustang R code 4speed

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(no login)

If the fuel checks out ok, then

April 7 2002, 8:41 PM 

Go back to the compression. Recheck several times under varying heat conditions. If the engine sat up for a while you may have sticking valves. They may work ok for a short while today, then start up tomorrow and find several sticking again. I've been through this several times with FEs {and some others} and it can drive you nuts. You do usually lose some pushrods, so you may find this by pulling the valve covers.Good luck, RonW

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(Login wholio)

could be

April 8 2002, 5:07 AM 

I once had a similar problem in a Galaxie. Tryed everything, ended being a piece of rubber fuel line back at the tank sucking air in a small crack. Good Luck Julian

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Did you remember to....

April 8 2002, 7:18 AM 

replace the fuel flter on the pump? These get all kinds of poisonous sediment (be careful) from the old fuel left in them, and do exactly what you describe. Rub a little talcum powder on the new gasket before you tighten it.

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(Login Galaxie1963)

Re: Did you remember to....

April 9 2002, 4:33 PM 

I'm gonna try all this stuff but I've taken the top off of the carb twice to check the floats and it was full of gas each time.

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