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Can anybody recommend a good engine builder in the Portland, Oregon area?

February 9 2004 at 3:45 PM
  (Login ledfoot)

I have been a part of this goup for about 2 years now
and one thing I have heard is go with a shop that is
very familliar with FE's.
I have a NOS 428cj block to build up and I will not take it to a shop that does not give estimates.
Trouble is, the best known shop here in Portland, Or
will not take the time to give me one.
They are Alldridge motorsports and do not have a good
reputation with close acquaintances of mine.
So that leaves me looking for another one.
Anybody have a recommendation for a good one in my area?

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(Login 1320lane)

engnbldr is in Scappapose (sp?) Oregon, he post on here, you might try him.

February 9 2004, 3:55 PM 


Not sure how close that is to Portland. If you do decide to go with him, tell him I sent you and ask him if he wants to help sponsor the 2004 FordFE.com Spring Nostalgia Nationals since we're sending him business that way?

Larry Hampton
2004 FordFE.com Spring Nostalgia Nationals
Event Coordinator

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(Login FE427TP)

his shop is off 205 though scapoose is about 25 minutes out n/m

February 9 2004, 4:20 PM 

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(Login engnbldr)

In Portland...

February 9 2004, 10:58 PM 

>>>*EPN is 10 blocks up the street from Aldridge at 70th.

You guys need to remember I got kinda old and retired a few years back. Tried the stay at home stuff but after the wife and I got in that fistfight over watching "Day of our lives" or "People's Court" I went and started the online company.

*Don't pick up heavy stuff anymore.

My son Tod runs the little engine shop and I ship parts out of there, and try to keep an eye on him. *If you have kids you will understand...*LOL**..

But he is talented. Trouble is, he is into Toyotas and 4G63 Mitsubishis...

But he can make an FE run, and he is brilliant with head work, nice porting, too. He knows air, well, at least my ideas anyway for what that's worth.

One good shop in Portland is Portland Engine Rebuilders if you get the right guys working on your stuff.

Hey Larry! *What are you guys looking for, raffle prizes, cash, give me an idea? Doubt a little outfit like mine can help much but worth a shot.....*EB

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(Login RapidRichy)

Engine bld.

February 9 2004, 4:38 PM 

Larry Kaulch, not sure of the spilling of the last name. Just out side of hillsboro.

GTE & a 73 F-150 4x4 with a 428

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(Login FE427TP)

I think dragtruck uses him too n/m

February 9 2004, 9:47 PM 

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(Login dragtruck)

I use Larry Kalsch...............................

February 10 2004, 5:01 PM 

Big time FE guy,503-640-2227,

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(Login willyswan)

Check with Mark Pruitt...

February 9 2004, 6:01 PM 

I believe Mark got his 428 from a builder in Portland...he is a regular here and just recently got his t-bird running.

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(Login Kevin66.)

Seattle/Tacoma FE 'experts'

February 9 2004, 11:41 PM 

Joe, I think you've got some good suggestions already, but to cover all the bases, I'd highly recommend taking the two hour drive North on I-5, to the Tacoma area. From there, head out Pacific Avenue to Spanaway, where you'll find Bliss Performance Enterprises.

Dave Bliss, although a recognized 'small block' Ford expert, is no stranger to FE's - or any other Ford V-8 - and understands their complexities! Heavily involved in Division Six (NHRA) race motor build-up for decades, Dave operates his own shop, complete with dyno.

For head work, he frequently refers customers to John Haskell, at Aire Research Engineering, down in Puyallup. John's FE expertise goes way back, and includes numerous national record holders. The two of them worked together in the same shop for years, and communicate very well about what is needed for any particular application.

Bliss Performance (253)847-2742

Aire Research Eng.(253)848-1628

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(Login chipmechanic)

Not a fan !

February 9 2004, 11:45 PM 

I used to own a car that was formerly owned by Dave Bliss. I had to disassemble the 351 Cleveland that was in it after 2,000 miles to get it reballanced and remachined it was vibrating and smoking so bad. If a guy cant build a car right for himself ...

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(Login RM428)

Re: Not a fan !

February 10 2004, 2:45 PM 

I`ve known Dave & Pat Bliss for almost 25 years now, & I don`t recall ever hearing anything bad about Daves work. The only 2 cars that I recall Dave having with 351c`s were a Pinto that Dave sold for the deceased owners family, & a yellow 70 Cougar Eliminator (original 428CJ car), was your car one of these? Did you buy it from Dave, or a subsequent owner? As for being "unable to build his own car properly", you obviously don`t know much about Dave Bliss. His 64 Falcon has gone 8.90`s with a single 4 barrel 302, using Windsor style heads, with no power adders, his dragster has gone 7.4`s with a turbo charged 302 wedge, when I first met Dave at Bremerton in 1980, his all steel, flat hood, skinny tired Falcon was running 10.8`s with a 289 4barrel, with no power adder`s. A couple of guys running in our local stickshift class run Bliss Fords. One is a 64 Fairlane with a single 4 barrel 289 going 9.90`s, another has a 65 Falcon with a 393" Windsor with Cleveland type heads running 8.7`s. No power adders here, either.I don`t know the story on your 351C engine, Mike, but Dave is certainly VERY well respected among the North West Ford racers that I know.

428 powered Fairmont drag car, Best ET:10.20@131.59MPH, best 60 ft: 1.32
59 Meteor 2 dr. sedan 332, Ford O Matic
74 F350 ramp truck 390 4speed

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(Login chipmechanic)

It was the cougar actually

February 10 2004, 4:29 PM 

Wow. That car is famous. It was the '70 Cougar. Not an eliminator though although it was a original Q code 428 CJ car. I bought it from the guy who bought it from Dave Bliss. I saw all the paperwork. The guy that I got it from had rebuilt the body and repainted it after it had been wrecked. He also installed a new 9 inch as the original had been removed along with the 4 speed which he replaced with a C6. It had a 351 Cleveland 4 V open chamber heads with unseated rings and was severely out of balance although it was obvious that an attempt had been made to balance the motor. I drove it home 30 miles and the hood was dripping oil from the blow by coming out of the dipstick tube. It had that weird and very noticeable 2000-3000 rpm vibration thing going . Stock Ford valves in sunken seats, way inadequate springs for the large hydraulic cam in the engine etc. Dents all over the tops of the pistons from getting smacked with the valves. Of course I can only take the guys word for it that Dave built the motor. Its also entirely possible that he didn't although since his engine knowledge was next to zip and he had no idea what was in the engine as far as compression and cam. Anything is possible but the likelyhood is there . The guy I bought it from swore Dave built it and since I dont have any reason to call him a liar and I didnt witness anyone else building it I'm going with that. The motor wasn't worn out. It just wasnt put together well and never broke in well. After seeing how that motor was put together and the $2000 I went through making it useable I'll just shy away from anything attached to that name. What really got me pissed about the motor was the 6 hours I spent in Reading, California On I 5 in the 100+ degree heat changing the water pump gasket that had blown out because the bottom water pump mounting holes had stripped threads and had been filled with silicone. Dave may not have been the guy who put it together. He may have been but his name was the name I was cursing that day. As soon as I got home I rebuilt the engine and made everything right.

Still ran 12.7's on nitrous

BTW I had the option to buy the original 428 CJ that Dave Bliss had used in his tow rig for $1000 from the guy . It didnt have the CJ heads on it any more and .030" over 428 blocks in need of a bore dont excite me all that much . Dumb move !

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(Login slow390)

John "The Snake" Ha$kell

February 10 2004, 8:31 AM 

In my own experience, and a couple of other NHRA Stock Eliminator racers, BE REAL CAREFUL. "Cavet Emptor" is Greek for "Buyer Beware". I spent over 15 Grand over 18 years ago with this LIAR/CHEAT, and all he said to me when I complained about the engine was "God Bless". He likes to use the religous "skirt" to hide behind, don't believe anything this guy tells you. He is a THEIF and a Crook. He built me a motor and dynoed it, he sent me some bogus dyno sheets, and told me that it had "Torched a cylinder" and that he would replace the top ring and it would be alright. He new the block he had sold me had a problem, but chose to lie about it, the motor lasted 5 pases and blew a head gasket. The problem was that the sleeves he had installed had sunk in the Clyinder and there was a .025 diference in the deck and the sleeve. No wonder it blew head gaskets. Sorry to rant and rave, but this guy is the worst kind of person there is. I have raced Stock and Superstock Eliminator in NHRA and IHRA for over 30 years and this guy is someone to keep as far away from as you can. R J Sledge

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(Login chipmechanic)

Are you looking for a machine shop or a full service shop?

February 9 2004, 11:41 PM 

It all depends how much you want to spend and how much work you want to do yourself. I think Eastco in Gresham does good work. I'm in Kelso and I highly reccomend Castle Machine in Longview for good FE machine work. Theres a guy doen in Vancouver my dad swears by for machinework. It all depends what your looking for. What one guy calls a machinist another guy would call a mechanic.

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(Login mhpruitt)

A couple more....

February 10 2004, 11:45 AM 

would be FPA in Puyallup, Jim Green in Lynnwood and Action Machine also in Lynnwood. Stan at FPA had many FE's in his shop when I picked up my headers. Jim Green's has been building them forever and Action has a good machine shop and did mine. They are easy on the wallet but definatly Chevy folks. Mine runs well but it's to soon to say much more.

Hope that helps, Mark.

1965 Custom T-Bird 428 C-6
1994 Lincoln Mark VIII (for sale)
2004 F-150 FX4
1969 XKE (new project)
1987 Mark VII (200K miles)
2001 F-250 Lariat(ripped off and sold)

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