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Help! 390 engine swap into 1979 f150 4x4.......

December 17 2004 at 1:51 AM
  (Login dan66f100)

I installed a 390 in a 1979 F150 4x4 truck. It had a 351/400. What headers will fit. I tried the hedman #89120 set listed for 65-76 4x4 352-390 trucks, but the drivers side hits the front drive shaft. I used the early 390 engine frame stands on the 79 frame and everything went right in. It is a c-6 automatic with the np205 case. Was the 73-76 4x4 trucks different than the 77-79 frames or drive lines? 1976 was the last year for 390 4x4 trucks so what changed other than engine offerings for 77-79? I know someone here or out there has done this. Thanks guy's..Dan

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(Login lovesoldiron)

try another brand of headers

December 17 2004, 5:41 AM 

As far as I can tell, the frames on the 77-79 and the frames on the 73-76 are the same. If you used the engine towers for a 360/390, it sounds like you did everything right. It went in right in, just as it should. Some header companies, however, don't seem to realize that F150 and F250 4wds have a differant spring arrangement. You might try Stan's, or FPA or Sanderson headers. All of these will cost more than the Heddmans but they will fit. Cal

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(Login pullinpower)

Good luck...

December 17 2004, 7:03 AM 

77 - 79 has a different sterring system... the 76 style headers won't work..... you can't even hardly get 460 headers for that year without spending 4 house payments.....

try L&L.... they may make a set..... they do make one for that year for a 460 4x4

good luck

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(Login hawkrod)

I can't tell you what to do but I can tell you why......

December 17 2004, 9:09 AM 

The 77-79 steering is not enough different to be an issue. The F250 is where the big difference is (unless you have an F150 supercab 4X4 which is an F250 with 5 lug wheels!). The issue is the mated transfer case and reverse rotation front axle which moves the front driveshaft up significantly. The earlier trucks normally had divorced transfer cases and almost all headers on the market are designed for that. I do not know anybody who makes a style you can use as is. Hawkrod


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(Login 4x4mudracer)

Hawk's right...

December 17 2004, 2:33 PM 

The top entry Dana 44's from f150's are almost worthless as far as any headers go except shorties...which I have never seen for an FE powered truck.
My ole man had the same problem with his 429 powered 78' shortbed. We searched everywhere for a set that was reasonable pricewise at leaste for a mudtruck. We ended up milling up a set of flanges and making uprights instead.
The only other option was to find a bottom entry 44, which would involve swapping leaf perches for coils and radius arm mounts, modifying driveshafts, steering setup...a real "pia"
Or you could do like I did and find a divorced transfer chasis and swap the cab and bed....but thats a long story in itself...nothing fits right either nor is it correct as far as restores go to the trained eye.
Some have claimed to get 2wd headers and tweak them to fit but I still dont think its possible...there is NOT any room for the collector to fit without getting pounded to hell by the driveshaft. If your running a standard the z-bar just makes it even worse.


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97 F-250 351 windsor...and a payment now.
Ahhhh....pieces everywhere..and the pile just gets bigger!

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(Login tomposthuma)

modify them

December 17 2004, 5:11 PM 

sound like you need to modify a set of headers to work.

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