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Offy Intake?

May 26 2010 at 4:42 PM
DYNO427  (Login DYNO427)

I know it isn't original, but, what do you guys think about an Offenhauser 360 single plane 2X4 intake? I'm not looking for "Total Performance" just the look of two fours on my 427. They will get put to the test "every once in a while!" LOL Planning on using two 600's or 650's. How well does it compare to some of the other intakes [2x4's]? Thanks, Dean

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Jay Brown
(Login jaybnve)


May 26 2010, 5:05 PM 

On the intake testing I did on my 500HP 390 stroker engine, the Offy 2X4 finished 44th out of 50 intakes for average HP between 2800 and 6200 RPM, and 40th out of the 50 intakes for peak HP. It made about 463 peak HP on that engine, while the Blue Thunder 2X4 intake made 516 peak HP. The Offy intake was tested with Edelbrock carbs, not Holleys, but I doubt that the Holleys would have made a huge difference; maybe 10-15 HP. Also the distributor will not fit with the Holley carbs, unless you space the carbs way up so that the front float bowl of the front carb is above the distributor.

On my 425HP 428CJ, the Offy intake finished dead last out of 18 intakes in average torque and HP from 2500-5800 RPM.

There are lots of better intakes, both 4V and 8V, available for the FE.

Jay Brown
1969 R Code Mach 1, Drag Week 2005 Winner BB/NA with 511" FE(10.60s @ 129), Drag Week 2007 Runner Up BB/PA with 490" Supercharged FE (9.35 @ 151)
1964 Ford Galaxie, Drag Week 2009 Winner Modified NA with 585" SOHC (9.50s @ 143)
1968 Shelby GT 500 Convertible, 492" 667 HP FE
2005 Ford GT, 2006 Drag Week Winner, 12.0 Daily Driver
1969 Ford Galaxie XL, 460 (Ho Hum....)

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(Login Posi-67)

Other than what Jay said...

May 26 2010, 8:05 PM 

it's a quality piece LOL! I had one years ago and it actually worked but I sure wouldn't pay money for one now.

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(Login DYNO427)

Offy intake?

May 27 2010, 2:34 AM 

Thanks, men! I thought as much!

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Rod C
(Login MT63AFX)

The 'look' of 2x4 carbs (Holleys, of course) on an FE will be detracted by using an.......

May 27 2010, 5:13 AM 

..............using an OFFY, JMO, Rod.

Mickey Thompson's 63 1/2 #997 S/S Hi-Rise 427 Lgt/Wgt Galaxie,
1957 C-600 Cab-over carhauler w/390-4V, 2-speed rear-end
FGCofA member #4908
MCGC member #75

"There will ALWAYS be an FE in my LiFE"

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Roger Cartwright
(Login 514Comet)

X-Ram Intake

May 27 2010, 8:40 AM 

I have a similar question regarding the use of a x-ram 2X4 intake for my 427. It is primarily a street driven unit, but don't want a pure "dog" when I make the occasional trip to the track. Any experience with this intake? This is my first post, so hope I have it correct. Thanks.

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