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Manifold to head port match question

May 20 2013 at 11:30 PM
Ken Kaplan  (Login ksquare)

I just checked my new FElony head intake ports and compared the to my Weber manifold ports. I think the manifold is Blue Thunder. Anyway, the head intake ports are 2.12 tall by 1.46 wide while the manifold is 2.00 tall by 1.23 wide. I haven't yet been able to mate them for an alignment check but it looks like the manifold will need a lot of work to match the head ports. I'm wondering if it is that important with an IR manifold.

Jay Brown - you on this forum? I have your book & read the section on the Weber manifold. Didn't see any mention of port matching for it. I guess I'm concerned about the volume change from manifold to port and what it might do to velocity. Should I be?

BTW - in comparing Barry's new heads to my original iron CJ heads - wow!

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Bill Ballinger
(Login 65Galaxie394)

They are the best thing to happen to the FE. You wouldn't believe

May 21 2013, 4:37 AM 

what you used to have to do to a set of heads to get them anywhere near. When Barry said, "He couldn't put those ports in an Edelbrock head, and he has the water to prove it..." That is the truth. I used to have to have one of the best iron welders probably on earth (RIP, Ruff) weld on my C0's C1's C4s to get them anywhere near the chamber profile much less the ports. I used to sneak up on the best flow I could get, this was in days of "nothing" available for the FE.

These heads are a great leap to maintain the profile of an FE head without going to a Cleveland or Mast Black Label LS3 splayed valve design. I have to say from all of the iron dust I have inhaled, they are the Cruiser Weight champ. From 394-500+ ci depending on the block, I don't think there has been anything that has been offered that can bolt on without having to start over.

If I had a set, done up at 2.09/.1.625, I would put them on my 394, use my Holley SD, my headers and cam. Later I might put a little stroke in it, but I have a feeling that 'da Bomber would be in the mid 12's with the 394 and those heads wuith the short block I built in 1999.

Man, That is a leap!

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(Login qikbbstang)

I'd sure like to know where exactly there would be water leaks in an Edelbrock head if it

May 22 2013, 6:33 AM 

were opened up to Barry's head dimensions?......I've got a sacrificial Edelbrock head and it looks like the very minimum port wall thickness is in the relm of .250-.300"s. That being on the low side - there are plenty of "blind" unjacketed sections where the wall thickness is "the sky's the limit" and one could hog near forever. Just hard for me to grasp how/where Barry's heads ports could deviate much over 1/4" from an Edelbrock. Everyone knows you can only fit so much in a 1-lb coffee can and the externals and port locations of Barry's head vs Edelbrock head are more similar then dissimilar.

Re: "When Barry said, "He couldn't put those ports in an Edelbrock head, and he has the water to prove it...","


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Joe D. Craine
(Login MsgtJoe)

Don't go hogging out in front of the valve guide---or next

May 22 2013, 11:45 AM 

to the exhaust port side of the port. Joe-JDC.

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