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Hydroboost Question

April 15 2017 at 5:04 PM
Graeme  (Login rhinosoft)


just installing my newly built engine and have damaged the small aluminum gas canister - very close to the valve cover and I pushed it slightly and it has a hairline crack.

Yeah, easy to do but I should have removed the unit first!

Anyway, being in Australia there are not many people in the know about these units. I was wondering if anyone knows if the cannister can be replaced and can be done be a brake shop?

FYI, it is in the image link below, closest to the viewer.



p.s. will get there one day!


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(Login gerryproctor)

Your thread raised my curiosity.

April 16 2017, 6:34 AM 

I have a hydroboost on a vehicle and never wondered about rebuilding the unit until your question.

I looked around the web and found info about where I expected to...mainly on the diesel forums, like this one:


That link tells you how to removed the accumulator, but not where to get a new one. I'd imagine a bit of searching should turn up a canister.

A brake shop probably could do the job, but then so could any other shop. Looks to be pretty straight forward mechanical stuff.

Other links I read leaned toward a replacement rather than a repair. I don't know this to be a nearly universal truth, but since we tend to be the "If it's broke, we fix it." types, a repair is worth exploring.

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(Login rhinosoft)

Re: Your thread raised my curiosity.

April 16 2017, 4:02 PM 

Thanks for the link Gerry - your thoughts echo mine exactly.

Will post back with any worthwhile results.


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