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50 Yr Old Cougars Gathering

April 16 2017 at 9:58 AM

427Kevin  (Login 427kevin)

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Chris McAlpine
(Login chris401)


April 16 2017, 10:20 AM 

Once I had a 67 in one bay and a 2001 or 2 next to it. Having them next to each other left me in disbelief and asking why. I guess what made it so tramatising was the 67 was a backwards restoration. Being very careful with it I was overhauling and tuning an engine in a fresh body/interrior restoration and working out the electrical system. The other front wheel drive Cougar was only a couple years old and having AC and steering work done.

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(Login preaction)

If thats to far

April 16 2017, 2:20 PM 

There will be a big get together at Carlisle too, but then there always is at Carlisle.

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(Login BBFTorino)

Dearborn, Mich.....no go for Americans!!

April 16 2017, 11:18 PM 

The only way I'd show up to Dearborn, is with an army of anti-Muslim folks who love this country enough to take it back, city by city!!

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Tom P
(Login tomposthuma)

Re: Dearborn, Mich.....no go for Americans!!

April 17 2017, 10:07 AM 

I don't think Ford World Headquarters looks quite like Addis Ababa yet. Not a very good reason to miss that event. Besides, by going there and outnumbering them it might be more effective.

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(Login 60sIron)

Don't be a propaganda victim

April 17 2017, 12:09 PM 

My wife is a teacher in the Dearborn School District. We lived there for 13 years, and raised our kids there. It is just as American as any other city in the U.S.A. Yes there are Muslims there, and many christian Arabs as well, but they came here to live in America under the constitution which grants freedom of religion. There are a half dozen strip clubs in that town, sharia law it ain't.

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(Login ectarecordholder)

There are large....

April 18 2017, 2:50 PM 

parts of Dearborn where the signs on the shops are written in curlicues and there MAY be an English subscript to tell you what's sold there.

Several years ago, when I was regularly traveling up and down Ford Road, there was a bakery across the street from Fordson High School. About the fifth or sixth time I stopped to get a 'goodie', I noticed that a group of men at one of the tables there, the only ones in the place, would fall silent while I made my purchase. Soon thereafter the place was raided and a group of those arrested were charged in Federal Court with raising money for a terrorist organization.

Young women living in Dearborn have been found buried in the back-yard after disobeying their fathers by staying out a little past the curfew set by their fathers or being suspected of being unwilling to marry a stranger from the home country to whom their fathers had promised them.

Going to Dearborn is a little like visiting a VERY foreign country. (I went to Fordson High School.)


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(Login Barry_R)

Nothing new at all - and making news for the sake of making news

April 19 2017, 3:16 AM 

Enclaves have existed in this country since the very beginning.

Come on Ken. I am certain that at one point in your life you visited Hamtramck and were amazed at store after store where all the signs were written in Polish and no English spoken anywhere. Every big city has a Chinatown. Fully one fourth of the country was Mexican at one point in history and their influence is written in city names and streets everywhere, yet we act as is they just dropped in over the past couple of years. People from various ethnicities and cultures will naturally gather together as they seek understanding and comfort in any new culture.

I generally try to avoid participating in any of these politically charged threads, but pandering to people's lowest fears for personal gain or perceived status is below us in every possible way as a nation. We have plenty of real issues to confront that can be addressed without such commentary.
Barry Rabotnick

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(Login ectarecordholder)

Well, since I've been....

April 19 2017, 9:18 AM 

called out by name, how many Polish girls have been found in Hamtramck back yards for disobeying their fathers? I've spent time in Hamtramck and, at one time I owned three income properties in the area of Clark Park. Yet I don't ever remember causing a complete silence by walking into any supposedly 'open-to-the-public' place in either a Polish enclave or one primarily Mexican.

I try to treat people as individuals. But, speaking as one who has an AB Degree in Sociology, it's a known fact that as the incidence of Middle Eastern-sourced people in a community rises, so does the insistence on their culture superseding the host. Thus the imposition of Sharia law in many European cities, and the hostility in such enclaves to such an extent that the law of the host area is only imposable by extreme measures such as the necessity for the use of 'SWAT teams'.

Head-in-the-sand only leads to unpreparedness.


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(Login RoyceP)

Tulsa, Oklahoma this week 2017 CCOA Nationals

April 18 2017, 12:21 PM 


I will be there!
[linked image]
1910 Model T Ford touring Red / Black
1914 Model T Ford touring Maroon / Black
1917 Model T Ford Torpedo runabout green
1915 Model T Ford touring Black of course!
1968 Mercury Cougar 428CJ Ram Air Red / Black/ Black
1968 Cougar XR7-G 390-2V X code Red / Black
1968 Cougar GTE 427 Augusta Green / Saddle

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Marty Burke
(Login MartyBurke)

Tulsa Ok 2017 CCOA Nationals

April 20 2017, 9:40 AM 

Looking forward to being there with my XR7

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