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O/T 429 with unknown cam valve lash setting

April 17 2017 at 6:21 PM
Jack Tindle  (Login JacksFordParts)

Someone walked into my shop sat to see if I wanted to buy her 57 F100 gasser project. Her old boyfriend built it and she did not know a lot of intricate details about the build or internals. It ran last summer and now wouldn't start. I bought it because it looked like someone had done a decent job on building it. I got it started (the magnetic pickup in the dizzy was done) and I am trying to figure out what lash to set the valves at. I took the valve cover off and it had Ford SVO roller rockers and hardened pushrods under it. Im 99 percent certain it has a solid cam in it, I can hear the valves quite a bit under the drivers side valve cover. Any experience or ideas from anyone?

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(Login Falcon67)

Valve lash

April 17 2017, 8:07 PM 

Without knowing exactly, I'd run it around .022 hot. That seems to be a pretty common number for a solid something with iron heads. I have my aluminum head solid roller 351C set at .016 per the cam card.

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(Login machoneman)


April 18 2017, 3:32 AM 

...I agree that .022 hot is a good start. Note too when cold (I'm guessing iron heads/block) to add .002 (.024 total) when cold and re-check after warm-up.

Lash on a New Engine Prior to First Fire

If you are lashing a new engine prior to fire up, or setting the valves cold for some other reason, the lash settings need to be TIGHTER than the hot lash. The Exception will be an all iron engines. I recommend setting cold only when you have to. The only proper way to get the exact adjustment is hot as specified. The recommendations below are relatively common. A few thousandths loose probably won’t hurt just to get the engine warm as long as you don’t take it to 10,000rpm:

The Most Common Combinations:

Iron block with Iron Heads: ADD .002” to Lash Settings

Iron Block with Aluminum Heads: Subtract .006” from Lash Settings

Aluminum Block with Aluminum Heads: Subtract .012” from Lash Settings

You are here: Home White Papers Setting Valve Lash

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Jack Tindle
(Login JacksFordParts)

Okay, thanks for the response guys, I appreciate it.

April 18 2017, 4:59 AM 

It is an all iron engine. I'll set it later today.

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