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If you are setting up a 9" chunk to put in your car for long trips

April 19 2017 at 3:26 PM
Bill Ballinger  (Login 65billgal)

How does a 3.25 Galaxie rear stack up against a 3.00 or a 3.50? I have 4.33's that are in it now, but if we wanted to drive to a car show we could put a 3.25 in and swap in the 4.33s if we plan to race. Its just a peg leg in good shape. 28 spline like the 3.00.

How is the pinion to ring gear size come out as far as size ratio and mesh? A 3.00 seems to have a small pinion, and a 3.25 from memory seems to be a good robust ring and pinion.

Any opinions? I have both. I don't really want a 3.50 or a 3.70 on a highway trip, and taller than 3.00 is too tall, so a 3.25 seems to make sense to have for the road and the 4.33 for running rounds. Ideas?

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Bill Ballinger
(Login 65billgal)

I think on a 9" the tooth count is 39 for both on the ring and 13 for 3.00 and 12 for 3.25

April 19 2017, 4:48 PM 

Pinion. Which would be more economical as far as leverage? Roll better, etc... We have a 2600 convertor C-6 and all of the copper washers we would need with a reuseable gasket and no goop, it doesn't leak at all. The 4.33s are perfect for acceleration, but I think he could drive it on the highway just by putting in the 3.25s around 65-70 for longer runs. He can swap it in less than an hour. Just three chunks, but I think the 3.00 would be too doggy unless it a trip to California.

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(Login 3pedal)

3.25 with 26" tires, toploader.... 2700rpm @ 70mph

April 20 2017, 5:30 AM 

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(Login 427funn)

Run 325

April 19 2017, 7:01 PM 

Do what the factory did, it worked,Pete

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john vermeersch
(Select Login johnvermeersch501)

Make a simple chart to keep in your tool box

April 20 2017, 6:34 AM 

336 divided by tire dia. x drive ratio = rpm @ 1 mph ..... use your trans ratios for intermediate gears....you will be AMAZED at the little change in rpm from gear to gear....also keep in mind that you very seldom can cruise at constant/ repeated speeds or with the same gross total weight...bottom line is when you are all done and saved 4 gallons for the weekend, was it worth the effort ??? time is money and we AIN'T got alot of time left !!!! JMHO

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(Login EricDonaldson)

I think TomP said he has a 3.10 in his '61 wagon.

April 20 2017, 7:01 AM 

He might trade for your 4.33 set to get a 0-60 under twenty seconds.

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Tom P
(Login tomposthuma)

Re: I think TomP said he has a 3.10 in his '61 wagon.

April 20 2017, 9:56 AM 

I would too! I think the short stroke 332 could live at five grand on the highway.
The 3.10's are stock on the older cars, 57 to early 60's used them. It is a decent highway gear, no tach on my old beast but it think around 2500 rpm at freeway speed, 29" tall rear tires. There are also lots of Nascar gears in ratios between 3.0 and 3.3

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Ric G.
(Login 70bosscat)


April 20 2017, 7:22 AM 

If your trip is less than 150 miles, leave the 4.33's in and take the scenic route. If it's an all day or multi day drive swap in the 3.25's unless it's all interstate then I'd opt for the 3.00 gears. At some of the interstate speeds (70-80mph)the 4.33's would get old really fast.

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(Login ectarecordholder)

When I bought....

April 20 2017, 8:49 AM 

my '64 Custom, I had a choice, from the factory, as part of the 427 package, of a 4.11 or a 3.50. I got the 4.11 but within a couple of months, two other guys and I decided to drive to Florida for the 12 Hours of Sebring. I swapped-in a 3.50. With 8.20-15 tires on the rear we had a cruising speed of 70 at 3K RPM. Overall trip mileage was 11.7 MPG but we ran for long stretches at over 100. The best single tankful gave us 16 MPG. (Your experience might vary!)

With the 3.50 gear and the 8.20 tires, It was easy to shift back into third at 100 and use it to play with other cars--- such as a 409 one time. And then there was a corvette... The car got quite float-y at about 130 due to having spring jacks in the front coils. But even with the nose in the air I could get the speedometer needle to show in the red idiot light over to the far right of the speedo span. I did a little cheat-sheet showing tach reading and speed in fourth, and had it taped to the dash.


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(Login Paul_Lovett)

Bill, I used the exact convertor that you have in my Cougar with 3.25 gears.

April 20 2017, 4:04 PM 

I had 255/60R15's at the time which were just over 27" tall.

I think I remember turning rpm's in the 2950 rpm range at 70 mph. This makes perfect sense if you factor in about 5% slip at cruise.

It worked great.

My opinion is that if you want to do highway driving do not go numerically higher than 3.25. Of course, your tire diameter will affect this, but if you're in the "normal passenger car" tire size range this makes sense.

I do not like the "compromise" gear ratios. I call ratios in the 3.50-3.75 range compromise ratios. With them I not happy with either the highway cruise rpm or the with the off the line acceleration. I say choose one or the other and be happy at some point.

Sooooo...... in your case since you are talking about using two different ratios, I think you should get a true highway gear. You already have the 4.33's which do a great job at the other end of the spectrum.

3.25's or 3.00's would be great, in my opinion. The fact that you have a slightly higher than stock stall speed makes me lean toward the 3.25's. I think 3.00's would be okay, too. I don't think I'd go any lower numerically given the torque converter. So where's that put you?

3.00, 3.07, 3.15, 3.18, or 3.25? There's probably other Ford 9 Inch ratios within that range, but the only factory ratios I know of are the 3.00 and the 3.25.

Long story short is 3.25's will work great with 27" tall tires and your converter. Adjust a little bit if your tire size is significantly different than mine were.



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(Login TorinoBP88)

I had 2.73 in my 67 had Galaxie

April 20 2017, 10:34 PM 

I could cruise at 65 in 2nd, and not notice.

It go 3.0 for looking trips unless you already own 3.25s.

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Bill Ballinger
(Login 65billgal)

What has to be changed and how to make an F-100 p'kin go in a Galaxie?

April 21 2017, 5:01 AM 

Is the yoke different and can the hood and rubber snubber be put on without a new crush sleeve? The 3.25 is from an F-100, and its a 65 Galaxie. We have a 3.00 chunk and the 4.33 in it now, but he wants to set up the 3.25 for the car too.

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(Login urchinhead)

9 3/8" and Spline Count

April 21 2017, 8:20 AM 

Make sure it is a 9" pumpkin if the housing is a Galaxie 9". I have read about people grinding out the 9" to make the 9 3/8" fit. Many trucks have the larger 9 3/8" and 31 spline axles.

I'm not sure about the yoke, but I can take some pictures if you need them.

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(Login StarlinerRon)

Try this

April 22 2017, 7:35 PM 

Get a pair of tall tires like 30" and run them on your trip.
Will cut your gearing 10-15%.


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