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O/T Compresser

May 14 2017 at 1:36 PM
John  (Login nutch11)

My 33 gallon Craftsman Compressor has quit after 25 years and I am buying another 30 Gallon one. Would there be an advantage to use the old tank in line with the new one to add volume?

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(Login cliffrod)

Yes and no

May 14 2017, 2:08 PM 

You'll have more compressed air inventory, so could run longer until the compressor is required to run. Then it will take that much longer to compress the volume of air held in inventory in the tanks.

With all endless arguments about single stage vs dual stage, compressor cfm, 1 phase vs 3 phase and whatever aside- in general it takes the same approximate amount of energy & work to compress the same amount of air, no matter what is held in the tanks or used by the tools.
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Leny Mason
(Login LENYM)

single stage make less heat

May 14 2017, 8:42 PM 

if you do not need over 120 PSI single stage is more efficient, because every time a piston comes up it is making that volume of air with a two stage the big piston feeds the small piston to make more PSI, half as much volume. Leny Mason

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(Login BattlestarGalactic)

I got a deal on a 60 gal....

May 15 2017, 5:36 AM 

but found out the single stage pump on it takes forever to refill it. I was better off with my simple 20 gal Craftsman. It ran less and kept up with anything I did in the garage.

If you want lots of air, get the two stage pump or get ready to listen to that little pump run and run and run.........

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Drew Pojedinec
(Login DeepRoots78)

Re: O/T Compresser

May 15 2017, 5:38 AM 

My setup.....

I have a 60 Gallon 5hp Quincy compressor in the corner of my shop. it keeps 150psi at all times. I like volume, so I took my old compressor and put it over by the shop door (opposite side of the shop). I plumbed it in with a check valve and it is regulated to 90psi.

For general tool work, I have the 90psi tank to work off, for blow gun or impact gun usage, I have the 150psi main source.

The 90psi section has 100ft of hose attached to the inlet which is all coiled on the wall. This small regulated tank is small and on wheels. I can roll it all the way to the house, which is handy for indoor usage of brad nailers, etc, without owning another compressor.

Bonus part of the second tank, it acts as a large secondary water drain. I get no moisture whatsoever coming out of that tank.

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