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I paid $150 to find out laminated glass don't bend........

June 17 2017 at 2:44 PM

Mike U.  (Login mtrain)

A guy I know took the whole drivers side door [Starliner] to a local glass place to have new glass made as he couldn't afford/find any used glass.

Anyway they only charged him about $100 for both sides [I'm guessing it was cheaper since the glass was mostly square.]

So, since I chopped the top of my 80 hatchback Mustang I need side glass.

I already had a pattern made so I brought it to them, and they made it for me.

It looked perfect, and since I didn't plan to ever open the side windows [AC, and cooling vents are fine for me] I figured I would have a rather permanent install leaving both windows in the full up position.

Well, I didn't account for the bottom of the glass, being the stock length, interfering with anything.

I got the glass in the door, and all was looking pretty good, however they made the new glass thicker than the original [yes I did give them an original glass to get the bottom of the glass cut right].

I was having a hard time getting the thicker glass into the channel, so I was pulling to toward me [sitting inside the car] then I heard a loud pop.

So today I added another $200 to the lost $150 for some Lexan with Margard.

Sometimes doing custom [chopped top plus full body kit] is a learning experience, and most of the time costly.

Here is a picture of the car from the front as I really can't get a good shot of it from the side due to space/camera constraints.

Busted glass.
[linked image]

Side door [I chopped the top 3" in the front, and 4" in the rear]
[linked image]

Front view.
[linked image]

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