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With the exception of my 3310-3 having straight leg boosters

August 10 2017 at 7:58 AM
Bill Ballinger  (Login 65billgal)

My converted carb withthe secondary metering block is the same tune as a 396-427 425 hp Corvette they had .025 discharge nozzles too, and mine is jetted very close to them just I have the straight boosters, funny , it fits the engine like a glove. My secondary jets are 81's Tommy is a genius!

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(Select Login Tommy-T)


August 10 2017, 9:43 AM 

Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day.

You got pretty lucky that I happened to have the parts when you needed them...luck-ee-er yet that they worked at all.happy.gif

Mess'n 'round with my quad-dual Power Ram today at work. I had a Mallory YC distributor (two piece cap) machined down to fit the manifold yesterday. That should look pretty "old timey". When I went to lock-out the advance, there seems to be another advance mechanism under the bottom advance plate with some additional advance with a single heavy spring. Kinda weird. Anybody here fiddle with the old Double Life 4 lobe cam Mallory sparkers?

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(Login BattlestarGalactic)

I ran a YC for years..

August 10 2017, 10:44 AM 

but it started to get scatterbrained for timing and I removed it and installed a YL DP model. I messed with it and couldn't get it to stay put. The car would slow down 1/2 second, then pick up. The total was all over the place. I checked it best I could back then............but you say there is another advance sumthin r udder under the plate? Hmmm, now I need to take a closer look. I still have it, it is a dual point tach drive model.

2006/2009 UMTR Points Champion

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(Login 1968Gal)

Re: Genius?

August 10 2017, 1:36 PM 

I love my Double Life distributor.
Looks cool with the plug wires coming out of the top of the cap.
Very retro looking.
It has always worked very well.
Still have a brand new cap for it in the box.


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Larry H
(Login 54skyliner)

Re: Genius?

August 12 2017, 1:51 PM 

Actually, I kinda like my Mallory marine distributor, with it's cool "crab" cap, dual points, and mechanical tach drive.

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Randy Ruzicka
(Login fastback63)

Mallory Advance

August 11 2017, 1:14 PM 

It sounds like you have one with a vacuum brake. Must be a real early unit. some of them used a a vacuum brake that consisted of spring loaded piston that had a piece of cork one one side that rubbed against a round plate to pull timing out under certain conditions. When manifold vacuum was high it retracted the piston and allowed full advance. If the throttle was mashed at low speed the vacuum would drop and cause the piston to contact the plate which then retarded the timing. Virtually the same system as the early dual point distributors on the flathead Ford V8. Those were made by mallory for Ford. I would do away with it. Randy
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