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OT, not FE, but Ford. 1969 Ranchero

August 10 2017 at 4:56 PM

Jeff  (Login jholmes217)

I'm thinking about getting a 1969 Ranchero. I've had several 1960's Mustangs over the years, and I know I can get just about any part as a reproduction if I can't find an original. What is it like trying to get 1969 Ranchero parts?

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(Login Ranch)


August 10 2017, 5:51 PM 

Well from the back window forward is basically a Torino so part finding would be the same as a Torino guy, interior and everything. Now from the back window back is a whole new ball game and treat the tail gate like gold. I don't think you can buy full quarters but you can still get lower repair panels and I would imagine you could get rocker panels also. Finding panels is one thing, finding quality panels is another.
I have a 58 Ranchero and I've dealt with EMS, very good Quality but I don't think they cover your year. Best bet is do a Google search for what ever you think you might need. .
.Good luck and lets get more Rancheros on the road again

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Tom P
(Login tomposthuma)

Non Mustangs

August 10 2017, 6:10 PM 

If you come from the land of Mustangs, GM, Mopars, British Leyland cars, Mercedes, BMW...etc...etc... he availability of actual repro parts is almost nil. A 100 page catalog of Torino,Falcon,Comet, Fairlane or Galaxie parts is:
-80 pages of fuses, ball joints, chrome accessories and air fresheners that you can get at any local parts store.
-17 pages of stuff that just happens to interchange from Mustangs , mostly screws and trim clips.
-3 pages of unique parts for that car.

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(Login garywittman)

Torino Ranchero?

August 11 2017, 8:03 AM 

I try not to be picky but being a scientist, I sometimes can't help myself. I don't think there was a Torino Ranchero in 69, so, from the back window forward it is basically a Fairlane. Then again, you could use Torino parts too. It is possible I could be proven wrong about a 69 Torino Ranchero also.

I am pretty sure the front bumper is slightly different on the Ranchero but I think the Fairlane or Torino bumper will still fit.

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(Login 428kidd)

Tom and Bill has about killed it

August 10 2017, 6:53 PM 

not a lot of aftermarket parts besides some trim and name plates. There not terrible to find parts for , from the back glass forward, like Bill post stated as well. Like he said mostly Torino stuff. As far as the back goes trim is HARD to find in good shape and high when you do. Find the best car you car as far as rust goes. Tail gates and so on are very hard to find. I have a nice almost finished 69 Ranchero Rio Grande edition if your looking for something like that we could discuss it. Click on my name if interested . thanks Lance

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(Login BBFTorino)

Trim and tail gate...

August 10 2017, 10:47 PM 

Damn...now you guys tell me!! I just scrapped a nice, straight, rust free tailgate and all the bed trim last week.
It seems that Ranchero's never really caught on, even though they were the original and the El Camino was a copy!!
But yet El Camino's and their parts are in high demand, even though they outnumber Ranchero's by probably 3 to 1...

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(Login PetesPonies)

why would you do that??

August 11 2017, 8:09 AM 

its obvious parts are scare and specific.
Pete's Ponies
Mustang RUSToration & Performance

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(Login BBFTorino)

Re: why would you do that??

August 11 2017, 4:51 PM 

Because my yard is (was) full of cars and parts, then I got a letter from Code Enforcement stating that I am facing fines if I don't remove the non-operational vehicles and parts from the property.

I put a bunch of stuff on Craiglist a while back....absolutely no responses.
Talked to a few folks at the local hangout, and the consencious was pretty much the same....nobody restores Ranchero's or hardly even cares for them.

Of course I like them, and many on the Ford related forums do....but in a Chevy dominated world, they are generally ignored in favor of the El Camino.

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Phil Page
(Login RancheroPhil)

1969 Ranchero

August 11 2017, 12:43 AM 

I have a 69 390GT Ranchero and I am really happy with it here in Australia. The other comments you have already got regarding spare parts is correct, but that should not stop you from buying one. Mine was finished about 2 years ago and I drive it everywhere (driving it 300 miles tomorrow). I have modified the engine with Edelbrock Heads and RPM Intake Manifold, a Lunatti 62003 Cam, Petronic Ignition and Custom Extractors. It goes well and sounds great.
I suggest you buy it, repair or modify it as you want and then enjoy it, I do!
All the best with whatever project you decide on.

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(Login 2many427s)

I have a spare one

August 11 2017, 4:21 AM 

Pretty straight, solid and complete 69 Ranchero GT, 390 A/C car, fresh engine & C6, Hookers, Magnum 500 w/ T/As etc. Taking up space in my shop, could be yours
[linked image][linked image]

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