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oil plugs on BBM block

October 11 2017 at 5:46 AM
Adam Matteson  (Login feadam)

One of my oil plugs, the one in front of block above cam, seems to screw in pretty far, half inch in. For you guys using or that have worked on BBM blocks is this normal, or did it go in to far and is gonna block something it shouldn't? I know on every side oiler block i've had the plugs are almost flush.

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Brent Lykins
(Login blykins)

Those thread depths will vary. You will need to look at each one individually....

October 11 2017, 6:15 AM 

Take a pair of calipers, measure the length of the plug, then compare it to how far it goes in. With a pen light you will be able to look down the hole and see where the oil feeds from.

The biggest issue that I've found is the big plug on the front of the block that is the end of the main galley that runs the length of the block. I typically have to fish-mouth the plug, or put it in a lathe and shorten it considerably....otherwise it will really block the feed.

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Jake R
(Login c6ae-c)

tapered plugs

October 13 2017, 8:57 AM 

You may want to use 7/8" NPTF threaded plugs instead of the more common 3/4" per foot taper. (which is the same as a candle, btw!)
7/8 NPTF taper is designed to fit flush and seal hydraulic pressure without reliance on sealant. It is the most common type plug in automotive applications. Not sold in hardware stores...


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