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A phenolic short velocity stack for a Holley?

October 11 2017 at 1:03 PM

SW  (Login Staceyanddee)

Back on the early 80's a guy gave me this piece that slid over the air horn of the Holley. It couldn't have been more than an inch and a half tall but it went inside my air cleaner. I never tried 2 runs back to back, with and without but I was wondering about this today. Google hasn't a clue. Anybody?

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Ted Eaton
(Login tedeaton)

Maybe thinking of a K&N Stub Stack?

October 11 2017, 1:22 PM 

You're probably thinking about a K&N StubStack of which several varieties were made. I've still got some on the shelf that are used for dyno testing on occasion. Another company making stub stacks is R2C Performance products and I currently run one of those on my Ford Y-Block powered altered. Definitely does the job on a vacuum secondary carb as the altered runs 8.90's and 146-147 mph in the quarter. Ted Eaton.
Ted Eaton www.eatonbalancing.com

Fe's are a thrill a second when they run mid eights but Y-Blocks are just plain fun when they run 8.80's at 145mph in the quarter using a vacuum secondary carb.

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(Login Staceyanddee)

That's it.

October 12 2017, 6:00 AM 

Thanks. And I'd love to see/hear a video of that Y block please. Edit; I found you.


And are you related to Mike?


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(Login Falcon67)

The general consensus

October 12 2017, 6:23 AM 

of most people that have used the K&N Stub stack that it's worthless. I have read several reports that have uncounted issues with the part causing a carb to run fat (or fat-er) by messing with the air flow/pressure around the low and high speed air bleeds. Tried to get $5 out of mine at the last swap meet, no takers LOL.

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Chris McAlpine
(Login chris401)

I Ran Two Between The Carburetor And Air Cleaner

October 12 2017, 9:51 PM 

Experimenting with fuel miliage gains. Ended up pulling them when I went to a larger dual snorkel air cleaner housing. I thought 13.3 mpg was good for a 3/4 ton running 3400 rpm @ 80 mph. Seems to be getting the same to a little less with the different carburetor but I have not checked for sure.

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