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Ok guys it runs now

February 9 2018 at 5:10 PM

Bobby Spears  (Login x4rdtech)

and it really sounds good.Next is fitting the Hurst super shifter and may sneak a short test run but with no exhaust,it may not be a good ides.I have front bumper coming also and have to wait for my toy bank account builds up to get the exhaust done.More than likely next month as I do not want to pull money out of savings for this project.
I had the fuel line off at the carb and stuck it in a clear plastic container and with about 6 strokes or so,plenty of fuel and a nice stream.Connected it and a few cranks to fill the bowls,it fired right up.Now I can just drool looking at it and sad also due to great weather here now.
I had just bolted the timing cover on and saw the front seal slinger on the bench,really?? After fixing that dumb mistake,I put the harmonic balancer on.Next I went to put the belt pulley on and crap,again? I had the balancer on backwards.
I was still pissed off about pulling a tee shirt off and both hearing aids fell out and on the floor,the right one broke in half.I used Gorilla glue and let it set over night.I works but Monday I will go to the VA and a tech will see what to do,he more than likely will have to order a new one. What the hell else can happen. I still may see what I can get for the Fairlane when I am finished. A neighbor says he would buy my 8X24 cargo trailer once I don't need one.
It is OK to laught about my three oops.

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Marc H
(Select Login turbohunter)


February 9 2018, 5:32 PM 

If we laugh at you we'll be laughing at ourselves. The older I get the more I yell at stupid mistakes I make or simple stuff my body just won't do anymore (like seeing something right in front of my face under the car).
Just part of the territory. Congrats on getting your junk running.
Getting old ain't for pussies.
[linked image][linked image]

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Mike U
(Login mtrain)

Good to hear Bobby. Glad you hung in there....nm

February 10 2018, 5:35 PM 


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(Login gbeltran)

Re: Ok guys it runs now

February 9 2018, 9:51 PM 

I have several of those seal slingers from various engines in my garage........

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(Login wwyin62)

ya know Bobby

February 10 2018, 6:56 AM 

just last weekend I was finishing putting on my timing cover & I couldn't remember which way the seal faced, so I went to my stash to look at an old cover & there with it was a spacer, chain & a slinger. Went back to the 64 & sure enough, the slinger was on the work bench. At that point it wasn't together but I surely would have forgot it.I like to just work on it a few hours here & there but it is so easy to forget to tighten something or leave something out. I guess I have to start using a check list. Glad it runs again. That cam chop makes it all worth while.

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(Login 65pony)

It's Alive!!

February 10 2018, 7:11 AM 

Good to hear it run right isn't it? If all went smooth, I would start looking for extra parts I forgot.

Back in December VA provided me with a fancy set of ear plugs. I went to a tractor pull all excited that I could carry on conversation again. Next pit they fired up a 5 engine blown modified. Hearing aids shut off the sound until he shut it off. I decided then I would put them in my pocket (in the bag provided) until the possible loud noises were over. That way I don't drop them some place where they don't belong. Imagine if they went down a carb or hit running fan blades. (and with them out you have an excuse if you ignore the wife or some other).

I sold my '66 Fairlane 3 years ago. Wish I had it back. I sure miss that old hot rod. If you put all that work into this one and then sell it when you get the bugs worked out, I think you will have lots of second guesses too.

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Gary B
(Login Garyford)

Glad to hear it runs, we're all pulling for you

February 10 2018, 7:45 AM 

Hey Bobby,

if this had all gone together as smooth as can be, we would have been suspicious of your character. There is something honorable about fighting it each step of the way especially at your age. It beats sitting in a rocking chair.

Gary B

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