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Bills Pontiacs

February 9 2018 at 8:48 PM
Jerry  (Login fairlanergt)

Just to make you Poncho fans drool . Buddy had a 66 Strato Chief [Canadian of course]with 425 hp 427 chev 4spd , one of three built . sure wish it was around today .Turned a lot of heads when he took on roar trips to ths US .

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Tom P
(Login tomposthuma)

Re: Bills Pontiacs

February 9 2018, 9:24 PM 

At the Expo 86 car show in BC Place there was a silver with red interior 62 bubble top Pontiac with a dual quad 409, that must be a rare one too.

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Rory McNeil
(Login RMCJ428)

Canadian Pontiac.

February 9 2018, 9:32 PM 

Jerry, Being a Strato Chief , which was the base model, I`m guessing it was a 2 door sedan? When I was in high school, 2 class mates had Canadian muscle Pontiacs, one was a 65 Parisanne 2 dr HT with a 327 4 barrel& 4 speed, the other was a 66 Grand Parisianne Sport, with a 427 and 4 speed, albeit the oval port 385 Q Jet version. A couple of Sport Deluxe 396 4 speed Beaumonts too. Made my $175. 63 Acadian convertible seem pretty lame. Another guy parted out a 64 Pontiac Laurentian station wagon with a 409 (340HP) 4 speed. Bet they didn`t make many of those!

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(Login fairlanergt)

another one

February 10 2018, 10:17 AM 

Forgot about a 65 Parisianne convertible daul 4 409 4sp that was near me . I imagine that would be pretty rare also .

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Bill Ballinger
(Login 65billgal)

Its odd that the Canuck cars got orange lumps in them

February 11 2018, 9:27 AM 


The most awesome pure Poncho I have seen is a Super Duty 421 '63 Tempest, There is The Grocery Getter and the Mystic Warrior I am not sure but i think Bill Blair owns them, and he has a couple of Packer Pontiac cars and a Swiss Cheese car. What is amazing is how similar the FE is to the Pontiac mill, passenger side forward, fuel pump on the drivers side. Its a shame they stopped building the real Pontiac engine. My uncle had a '58 Bonnie with a 425A Trophy package 370 with McKellor Heads, solid cam and a single Rockester 4V rateed at 330 hp at 5200 which in 58 was pretty good.

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(Login 32bantam)

Northern Ponchos

February 12 2018, 10:06 AM 

In using the same chassis/driveline as a Chevrolet,Canadian Pontiacs became additional models instead of a second "brand" on which GM would have had to pay taxes on. That's also why in 59 there is no WideTrack up north and depending on the year you'll find shorter front sheetmetal to fit the Chevy Chassis. The stubnose 55-57 Ponchos and the 67 Beaumont are some of my favorites. Honestly I think many of them are better looking cars than we had.

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