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Another timing set post

February 10 2018 at 6:02 PM
Jim  (Login FormerlyCyclonic66)

Throwing together this 390 for a1970 F100. I had a Ford Motorsport timing set laying around and threw it on. Then I remembered why I have it...I didn't like how loose it was on the 428 in my Cyclone. I replaced it with a higher end Cloyes set (yes, I understand the Ford unit may also be a Cloyes piece.)
Anyway, I just spent an hour searching past posts on this site and still don't know who makes the good stuff these days. My chain has 0.280" of measured slack if I pull one side all the way left, then right.

Is there any good stuff out there that isn't $200?

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Bobby Spears
(Login x4rdtech)

Re: Another timing set post

February 10 2018, 11:14 PM 

The Cloyes on mine is not as tight as a rubber band either.I don't worry about that much. It is not going to jump off.All I want is it be tight enough that the cam timing is close to the cams specs. It is not like when slowing down the cam will retard as the rotation stays the same.Sets are all over eBay form $45 to about $75.Mine has the three cut lower gear also.

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(Login wwyin62)

i just used a

February 11 2018, 7:25 AM 

Edelbrock set from Jegs @ $57. Was nice & tight with a 3 way bottom gear.

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Brent Lykins
(Login blykins)

Cloyes is good....

February 12 2018, 4:22 AM 

Typically, they're tight when I use them here. If the block has been line bored at some point in its life, and the crankshaft centerline moved up, then you'll have to get a chain that's made for that.

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