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June 4 2010 at 8:14 AM
Prodigy ft. Soul Cal & Noble 
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Lil Wayne- Misunderstood

I dont know normal now, they wont me to act dumb
Im posed to act like the niggas Im tryna detach from-
Niggas lackin ack-shun, ones that act stunned
That they wrong bring a setback then back to act dumb, but Im
Jus a soul, whose intentions is good
Good lies from the leaders is why we misundastood, an look
The trance subsidin, shit crazy, lands dividin, an
The waters risin, A.I. babies, chips inside'em, but
The worlds issues, cant handle wit tissues, an tears
Cant handle it pissed, go mental fo' you get misused-
The shit is a ruse.. why they want you to lose
Why they want you to use, anger..its the root ah fools
The state ah mind we in....Money or nothin
Picture the place way back befo money was somethin
Kids mentally olda now, youngns is fuckin, havin mo
Some old heads still ignorant, but kids swear they know, but...


shit crazy the thinkers have rocks casted upon them for not being a doer
and the smart guys are categorized as losers
they stay speaking recession when that's just a state of mind
cause the checks rollin in twice as fat as last years i'm doin fine
making critical jugdements on those doin crimes
like that's stupid go to skool or join a branch and go dodge some bombs
these idiotic citizens say they wouldnt fight for this country
I shall kill em soon treat my nation like robbery no loyalty amongst thieves
but even I'm guilty of havin slung trees
and brought tacos to haters with slugs when i brung beef
my tattoos descibe my life telling of whats important
while many see the art of it thinking oh that's just gorgeous
can't believe I let these simple minded fools get the best of me
drugging my tension speedin my heart up like they estacy
sayin y'all monsters at rappin but I'll Rex you beasts..


Soul Cal:
Im in the temple of ah man, trying to implement ah plan
I make the simple understand, they resemblen my hands-
- trying to get grip but, I remember when
I was cold to the touch, too. Like December wind!!!
walkn round with the strong, the gorillas of the land
it didnt take long, contrabands in my pants!
Our par-ents, were all ways on to us
Cops patrol the hood, like hallway monitors!!!
but now its twenty ten, many men, is on that henny bent!!
Soul cal aint perfect neither , look at him he sin again
Government institutions, thank stubbornness is useless
They Coming up with solutions, republicans they knew this
Interpretation of a subject, subjects us to loose lips
We spend a billion a day, now budget that on loose chips!!
War in Arrack, there is foreign attack, friendly fire leaven four in your back
But its more than that he was lured in ah trap,
They wrote it mishaps,, thats not the truth nor the note thats attached!!
Wheres THE BULL AT, im seeing dung left behind dont pull that
Yawl only telling half of the truth, wheres the full facts!!
My big cuz in arrack nigga fighting for oil, so Im writing more
Despite being bored, on my knees when I pray, soul is writing the lord!!
Talking to theses young cats, I enlighten the boys
soul cals a calm warrior, ah Viking with poise

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