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Cryptic universal abstract code

April 19 2012 at 2:26 AM
Grand Dezine(Kontruversal) aka tha Nuklius 
from IP address


from every penstroke
I paint pictures wit ink
Black thoughts on white paper
so you know what I think
high as skies on sativa
like the head of the sphinx
im good luck like a rabbitz foot
cursin ya jinx
I bear fruit for ya mind
like the garden of eden
I was the serpent at the tree
tried to free you from demons
jehovah is the devil if you peepin my meanin
but you dont so you probably think itz demeanin
im cleanin...not brainwashin minds, im freein
souls from captivity, give em thier breathin
back from the hands of the criminals seizin
thier reason...hunt em down like its criminal season
for treason
I see thier thoughts like im peekin n readin
Their minds...pickin brains leave em leakin n bleedin
they blind...they cant see me like a ghost that is speedin
at the point of light speed wit this knowledge im feedin
im seedin...wisdom in ya head like its logical semen
leave ya brain wet n soft like prostitution to sea-men
I serve knowledge hard n soft or whatever you fiendin
I got the fix for ya eyes if you ready for seein
aeronautical, neurological , nautical
blow ya mind clean like I was washin ya follicles
Psychiatric therapy, im so psycho -logical
I make epileptics pay attention n believe the impossible
I got that mystical, metaphysical, spiritual
Lyrics that I spit around cuz knowledge is spherical
Peep the mathmatics and you peepin the miracle
the golden mean is imperial, perfection, empiracal

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