Let Others Know How You Feelin' Lyrically, Poetically, Or just verbally. And To The Emcee's, Handle Any Fool Who Dares To Challenge You. FreakStylaz (FS) is by far the most succesful board on net54, if not the entire internet. In order to be a successful emcee here, or at any other board, suggest you first get acquainted with a board. Have a look around! Do not be quick to post without knowing the overall skill of the emcee's who already occupy the board. This will give you a feeling of the level of talent/skill you are dealing with, and based on that, you should make your decision on whether or not you can compete with the emcee's. Remember, a team is only as good as its weakest player. So take into consideration if it is YOU that will be a board's weakest player. To emcee that seeks improvement, FS is the place. READ GUIDELINES

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Trini Laws

What you expect? One of the Freaks' Finest is sure to put up big numbers like Kobe on a
bad day! But seriously, thank your mom for paying for your internet service so you can
afford the opportunity to read from this guy. It would be much different without him around,
and the verses you read wouldn't be as hot. Check out his Exclusives, you want to.....

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trigga Trav* - Roger Dat freestyle

myers - Enlightment

Trini Laws da Vet-Ro - Tooth Fairy

Trini Laws da Vet Ro- Rude Boy

Trini Laws da Vet Ro - A Look @ Tha Game

myers - Fast n furious

Most Wanted

The Most Wanted© is an 'Honorable Mention'.


Nice Lines

u still hungry cz u lack da heart
da knife's a quick study n da mack is smart
so act da part
or get ya body hacked apart
dont make da silencer finished what ya noise a start

Emcee: myers
Title: enlightment

I turned to give her all I got, if all I gots my company
All I got is knowlegde, and this weed and drink to comfort me
Yellin to my angels, man Im ready when you come for me
Lookin at my life like what made this nigga come to be-
What made me come to see that, life in these aspects

Emcee: Prodigy
Title: Stranger

FreakStylaz Foolery Award
they stay speaking recession when that's just a state of mind
cause the checks rollin in twice as fat as last years i'm doin fine
making critical jugdements on those doin crimes
like that's stupid go to skool or join a branch and go dodge some bombs

Emcee: noble
Title: State Of Mind

Throwback Line of the Week
who else grabs most wanted just from one drop??
or earns freak of the week with two??
maybe it was three, but it proves
that i dont speak wit a weakness dude
plus my uniqueness weakens crews
and leaves their features leakin goo from teeth to shoes

Title: Fact Is...Im Just That Hot

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2.   2.   2. Trini Laws  
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It's a long process from bar 1 to bar 16 and
Writin in my notebook from morn' to evenin

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