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Recs for Tyr/Harper Andromeda Stories 7/10

September 25 2002 at 3:55 PM
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yinka wills  (Login yinkawills)

Hi there everyone
I've recently stumbled across Andromeda fics, and felt I had to recommend the "Will to Power" series by Angel and Orinthain. Set in an AU where the Dylan Hunt in it is a descendant of the original (who looks just like him of course) 300 years after thefall of the Commonwealth- no ship frozen near black hole- and the Andromeda is controlled by Tyr and a Nietzchean crew.

Harper, Beka, Trance, and Dylan are on the Maru which is captured, and the Alpha male captain-Tyr- takes them prisoner. This is an Andromeda universe where the Nietzcheans must have triumphed. Tyr is instantly attracted to Harper- but can only think of humans within a master-(sex) slave relationship at first. Harper- a former Nietzchean slave- hates them.
Instant combustion!
Tyr is arrogant, dominant,focussed.
Harper-still a genius- is stubborn, feisty.

There's a good secondary pairing, with Dylan Hunt being aggressively seduced by a descendant of Gaheris Rhade who looks just like the original- despite being Beka's mate.

Its a good, imaginative series. My only complaints are there TOO MUCH SEX (Yes, you can have too much in a slash fic. Thereby decreasing the dramatic and sexual tension at times)If they'd halved the number of sexual encounters between Tyr and Harper it would have been more incendiary. And I'd have preferred a butcher Harper.
Like Clio, I get irritated when the brainy/smaller guy is feminized by writers. Watching the actual programmes, Harper is tiny but with a hell of a lot of attitude.
But its a good read for all that, and its over at the Andromeda Uncovered website.
Go to http://www.anzwers.org/free/andromeda/page2.html
for the stories index

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Re: Recs for Tyr/Harper Andromeda Stories 7/10

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April 30 2005, 9:36 PM 

I love Tyr/Harper slash, a-nnn-d I hate Tyr/Harper slash for a couple reasons.

As you mentioned, Tyr is usually automatically attracted to Harper or the other way around. The initial bickering is typically not written convincingly, and you know somehow the little guy's going to wind up with his hiney in the air.

Tyr is typically the designated 'top'. Why? Because he is bigger? It might be interesting to see this occasionally reversed, maybe. I think Tyr would get bored with this dynamic rather quickly, as he can find it, anywhere.

In most Tyr/Har pairings, it isn't well illustrated what either of them contributes to the other's life -how the life of either is enriched by the other. Besides the obvious pant-pant, huff-huff sexual explosion.

The set-up or situation that gets them torpedoing each other's orifices is typically contrived to the point of being insulting of common sense. I mean how many times can read the Tyr-Har workout scenario and find it even mildly entertaining.

Don't know, but I can't get enough of it.

Thanks for the heads-up, Vinka.

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i disagree

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June 20 2005, 11:38 PM 

I completely disagree. Harper was trained to be a sex slave, he's addict to sex. If he was hitting drugs would you feel there was too much of that? Sex is often over used but it is in chara in this fic. Also harper doesn't just give up his ass its a struggle for him to do so. But in the end he was trained to do so this struggle is one he has to lose if he didn't it would go against plot. Tyr is an Alpha of course he is top. There are fics were he enjoys being taken and he is taken in this fic as well. I believe this is one of the best series in the fandom. I completely disagree with you on harper just spreading his legs.

you want a tyr whos bottem? check out

Friends, Comforters, & Companions
Harper looks for a part-time job and finds more than he bargained for. M/M,Anal,AU,H/C,Oral,Slash
Author: Lursa & Be’Tor
Rating: NC-17

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