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Is BASIC more concise, easier to understand, &c. than python?Anonymous on Nov 19, 5:12 PM
   thats a little like asking if english is long-windedeasylangs on Nov 19, 7:54 PM
      both basic and python coders believe their language is more readableeasylangs on Nov 19, 8:00 PM
Why write 1 line of BASIC when you can write 50 lines of Python?Anonymous on Nov 12, 5:37 AM
   i agree partly, though its not always like thateasylangs on Nov 12, 2:50 PM
   theres another way to look at this too: why re-use 500 lines of basic...easylangs on Nov 14, 5:21 AM
input commands in figeasylangs on Nov 13, 11:59 PM
GOTO : Considered harmful?Anonymous on Nov 13, 4:57 AM
   the lack of sleep and a reliable mouse is what makes it harder...easylangs on Nov 13, 6:23 AM
      *keywords, not keyboards. i told you i was tired.easylangs on Nov 13, 6:27 AM
fig is based on 20-30 years of experience with easy, friendly languageseasylangs on Nov 12, 4:14 PM
   while mit has dropped java for python as the intro language, stanford dropped java for jseasylangs on Nov 12, 10:00 PM
foldermap 0.1easylangs on Nov 5, 1:50 AM
   it works if you change less-than-space to less-than...easylangs on Nov 5, 1:56 AM
variables in figeasylangs on Oct 31, 1:57 AM
floraleasylangs on Oct 31, 1:27 AM
figsh 0.3 (fixed some input/case issues, added sortplus command)easylangs on Oct 29, 11:52 AM
sines 2017 (24 bit colour)easylangs on Oct 28, 11:05 PM
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