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Keyboard Input Routine for Android SmallBasicPete on Oct 27
* What kind of mobile basic are you using?Dav on Jun 9
 * DOSBox has made a good Android DOS emulator.Pete on Aug 13
  * I expect you'll be programming your car, soon!TheBOB on Aug 13
BTW, this forum does not allow editing yet * (I'm a pretty litttle school girl).Clippy on Nov 13
 * Yes it does! :) :) :)Pete on Nov 13
  hmmmClippy on Nov 13
   not 4 meClippy on Nov 13
Only a few more weeks until a QB64 Android release...Pete on Oct 18
 Re: Only a few more weeks until a QB64 Android release...Dav on Oct 30
  Re: Only a few more weeks until a QB64 Android release...Pete on Nov 1
   Well? *Clippy on Nov 1
    * I'll see your well, and raise you a, "what?"Pete on Nov 5
     Android Studio cannot even find my Nexus 7...Clippy on Nov 6
      I can't even find my new android tablet...Dav on Nov 6
       Android Studio is 1.1G plus JDK first. Then some Android and NDK addons. *Clippy on Nov 6
       Re: I can't even find my new android tablet...Pete on Nov 8
        Never heard of HAXMClippy on Nov 9
         HAXMClippy on Nov 9
       May pick up this $15 device just to use for QB64 for Android..Dav on Nov 30
        Please ignore all those "resit" to "resist" up thereDav on Nov 30
        Will that even work as a computer without a Verizon contract?Pete on Dec 1
         It was$15, now gone up.Dav on Dec 2
          Verizon makes you pay for stuff with monthly surchargesClippy on Dec 14
           Re: Verizon makes you pay for stuff with monthly surchargesDav on Dec 16
            Verizon charges for a box on each TV too. I went to a ROKU and antennaClippy on Dec 17
             What kind of TV antenna do you use?Dav on Jun 9
         It works!Dav on Dec 4
          Let us know how SDK installsClippy on Dec 14
           I will. Thanks for the link....Dav on Dec 16
Ported my QB64 game to smart BASIC (for iPad)Dav on Jan 27
 *i guess it's not an official apple product, or they would have called it iBasic :)hfac on Jan 30
Ted's Calendar Program Converted to Android BASICPete on Nov 16
 Major \ missing in Easter codeClippy on Nov 16
  I fixed it this way...Pete on Nov 16
   How to set up Android BasicClippy on Nov 21
    Hey, that looks cool.Dav on Jan 25
     Your wife isn't very tech savvy, Dav...Pete on Jan 26
      Wow, iphone has an app for everything!Dav on Jan 26
       * OMG. For your sake, Dav, I hope she can cook.Pete on Jan 26
        I'd say very well...Dav on Jan 27
         I solved that by letting my wife put the televison in the kitchen.Pete on Jan 27
          * Lol. Now there's a TV dinner...Dav on Jan 30
 This looks like it should run in HotPaw basic for iOS. I'll give it a try.Dav on Jan 27
 Looks like QB64 may be ready for AndroidClippy on Apr 15
  QB64 Android virtual keyboard setup peekClippy on May 27
Under ConstructionPete on Nov 1
 * Good luck Pete! At least we agree on somethin!Clippy on Nov 14

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