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Not exactly....

December 11 2010 at 4:28 PM
C5HM  (Login C5HM)

Response to Re: Not supporting Castro....

While making no brief for the Chicoms, it may be significant to note the vast differences between Chinese society and Cuba's sad situation (before darting off to prove Montaigne's axiom). The Chinese enjoy far more freedoms than the folks in Fidel's "workers' paradise". Visas are possible for international travel (Cubans can swim with the sharks if they want to leave), Most consumer goods that we enjoy stateside are readily available in China for all (Cuba not so much) and, IIRC, Buicks (new ones and not those from the 50s) are one of the most popular autos. So, comparing China to Cuba is, well...you already know.

And before you dart off in the direction of Messr. Montaigne ...again... please do not suggest that poor old Cuba's poverty is attributable to our boycott. I mean, come on, much of the rest of the world trades with Fidel, and that includes China (from whence all that Walmart sells comes). Call me crazy, It could just be that that it is Fidel's and Raul's repressive communist regime that is keeping Cuba mired in poverty.

But, what the Hell, at least gringo tourists can feel safe while pedelling around Cuba on a bike. So all is not lost. Wonder if you pedalled past one of the State run prisons (you know, the places where folks who dare to criticize the regime are...tortured, or worse)?

Ah yes...safety.

If it was up to me, we'd be boycotting China, too. I do my part already, by buying little or nothing from China.

And I won't be pedalling my bike around there any time soon, either.

Your mileage may vary.

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