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Rebel George like the Energizer Rabbit @ 59

July 2 2012 at 5:25 PM

qikBBstang  (Login qikbbstang)

Rebel George is a retired machinist whose FE claim to fame was driving approx 1500 miles to/from Florida to Kentucky in his 427FE Model A truck carrying tools and a set of slicks in the bed and winning the FE Club of America shoot-out twice. He built it out of an original Model A chassis and body that were laying in a neighbors yard. Power today still is his original center oiler block though he's had both Low Riser and High Riser Heads on it in both 4V and (2)4V configurations. Currently it sports an Ed X-ram. To say he did all the work is an understatement from all machine work in the motor, fabricating the SS Headers, all welding and even sewing the convert top and interior.
Two times he won the FE Club Of Smerica Ford FE Shootout, the 2nd time was especially sweet. He lined up with a gent named Rufus in a Pro/Stock looking tube framed Fairlane bracket car for the final round. Rufus had been treeing his competitors all day by staging first...Both cars did extended 1/4 track smoking burnouts. Rufus started his burnout George to also laid down a full bore smoking burnout stopping beside the Fairlane, then George did the unthinkable,,,,,, another full bore smoking burnout "in reverse" back to the staging beams. George sat staged, locked at 4,000rpm for what seemed like eternity as Rufus backed up and finally staged. George beat Rufus on the tree! He took home the FECA trophy and a complete "Dove valvetrain package".. I always figured George was a man-of-steel and/or crazy doing the 1500 mile trip in a rough-riding close ratio top loader loud hot rod with plexiglass windshield. Prior to winning the 2nd FECA Shoot-Out George routinely would break a few rockers to/from the shoot-out and have to change them beside the road one time even in the rain, the FECA win provide George with Dove's wide-body rockers, stand support package and shafts and breakage was never an issue again. George's latest addition he fabricated are the 1/4" thick alum flames coming off the radiator shell, the Red Barron's Tri-plane mounted on top of the scoops and a Wernher Von Braun V2 Rocket on the firewall, LOL it's real doubtful they are power addders but you may wonder if they work.

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