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Thanks for deleting the pictures

July 23 2012 at 2:26 PM

Tom  (Login HolmanMoodyStroppeVet)

Response to nm

I have no idea what a Racoon Snuff film has to do with building fast Fords and seeing this animals poor eyes in tremendous pain is stuck in my head and pissing me off hours later. Stuff like this makes this forum look bad too. Sure this is hard to monitor and thanks to the guys who contacted the bosses here.

Look at all of the people who came here to think about Fords and ended up getting pissed off ?

I agree with the members who were 'ashamed' of this post or who are not the least bit 'cool' with it. There are humane ways to trap and relocate animals and they do not require a phd to figure out. You see this on TV day and night. We laughed our tails off last night watching some guy with few teeth dive into a lake to catch this gigantic brown beaver who was dropping big trees left and right and damning a river. He got humanely relocated, not mutilated and tortured for the fun of it. Same deal with huge Alligators? Snakes ?

In my area many of us set out feed and water every day just to help various critters make a living . I have for at least 20 years ? Sure, some of them will get your goat from time to time, we have coyotes eat pet cats, hawks eating song birds and mockingbirds ripping off prized tomatoes,etc..... but none of us mutilate them, record it, and post it in a ha ha ha manner?

We also have big ol' bears who show up to sit in hot tubs and pools quite often? They get tranquilized and carefully moved ?

And at our mountain place, neighbors actually spend real money for grapes, fruit, feed and the like to patiently attract and feed the racoons ? Then these folks have a blast watching them play, bathe and eat ?

Thanks for pulling the pictures down. They were in terribly bad taste and offensive.

This message has been edited by HolmanMoodyStroppeVet on Jul 23, 2012 2:30 PM

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