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OK Guys, the Big, the Bad, the incredibly HUGE, MARINE MASTER

July 27 2002 at 4:37 PM
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Thanks go to my daughter for the fishy swim suit that doubled as back drop for these shots.

OK, first, a little comparision to its older granddad, the 6159-7000, 300m diver.

They are both exactly 44mm wide, but the MM is 15mm thick, the vintage 300m is 14mm thick. The larger bezel on the MM makes the watch look much bigger than its grandfather.

Quick note. The 6159 is sporting a NOS, extreamly rare countdown bezel, along with a black date wheel donated from a 6119.

The clasp on the MM is much thicker than the SKX bracelet I`m using on granddad.

OK, we`ll end the comparison there.

Speaking of the clasp, lets take a look at it.

I was talking to a friend via email the other day trying to discribe the clasp. I told him its more like a peice of real diving equipment then an after throught. Its much larger than any clasp I`ve ever seen, with a unique divers extention that took the help of another friend to figure out. When I saw the scans of the watch on Huggy Babys site, I didnt think the bracelet had an extention, I thought you where suposed to switch over to the strap, but thats not so. The extention is almost invisable untill you need it. With the watch on, or off, you push back in the opposite direction on the double locking clasp. That makes a click, and releases the extension.

Then the extention can be rachted in while the watch is on the wrist. This will be of intrest to real divers, because as divers know, the wrist shrinks under the pressure of depth, so the watches bracelet must be put on initially very tight, so that it wont be too lose when the diver gets deeper under water. you can also adjust it in on the fly, as the bracelet gets looser. No, I`m not a real diver, I just play one in my dreams,:^)

Here is a shot of the intire clasp undone and extended.

OK. Theres no mention of the crystal being AR coated anywhere on the web that I have found, But, sure enough it is AR coated, I belive on both sides. I can see the very hint of the hazy blue tint of the Ar coating when veiwed under flouresents.

Here are some shots of the dial, and it`ll give you an idea of what the AR coating is like. Again, in most indoor, and outdoor situations, the crystal dissapears.


Another angle.

Some have said that the printing on the dial could be better. Well, I have noticed that its not perfect,with some littel bubbles. But it takes a high power loupe to see it, and I dont think its a big deal. The workmanship on the markers, and the hands is OUTSTANDING. I forgot to get a clear shot of the hands, but perhaps you can see it in the photos. Seiko has brushed the center of the hand, and polished the edge, for a awesome, and very crafty look. It also helps when outdoors, as the hands dont reflect bright sunlight, and can be seen very well against the semi-gloss black dial. The polishing work on the markers is perfect, absolutly no flaws that I can see, even with the loupe. The markers are completely filled with lumibright, and glow as well as my SKX-779.

And the bracelet. It actually made up of five peices. Its not totally clear untill you are sizing the braclet how they go together. The back peice is one piece, with the center inlayed into it. The links are held together with Seiko`s pin and friction coller system. Unlike the SKX-779, the coller is longer, and is captured in the inner link of the bracelt when resizing, so as long as you dont lose it, its a since to resize.

Note how the inner links stand up from the outer links, it adds a cool three dimensional look to the bracelet.

Someone questioned me when I remarked that the watch is worth its retail price. I`ll say it again, its worth the retail price! Its SOLID, very well thought out, which shows in its atention to detial, that a real diver would appriciate. The craft in the dial and hands is not to be taken lightly, it must be seen.

I belive this watch is even larger than the Sinn 142s I owned, and that was a big watch. Its heavy, pull your arm down heavy. If your not used to wearing a heavy watch, and this kind of reminder that your wearing a TOOL WATCH bothers you, you wont like it. Its like car battery straped to your wrist heavy,OK.

Jumping back to the comparision, there really is no comparision to the Vintage 300m. I would`nt trade my vintage 300m for this watch, but as the 6159 is a rare bird to find, this one will and can deliver the same satisfacton, only different.

Last shot.

The Marine Master is everything that has`nt been writen about it and more. I can think of NO swiss watch that will even compare, both high end and low end. This watch is purpose built, no foo-foo, and worth every penny.

Hope you enjoyed, and no, neither of these two watches will ever be for sale.

Best regards,

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