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Dragon Wagon Diorama, nearly completed. (Lots of pics)

May 15 2002 at 12:53 AM
Dana Geraths  (no login)
from IP address

Well, I have started to build the base for this monster and thought that I would give some current progress pics and the diorama story concept around the scene. Currently I have about 3 or 4 weeks invested in the whole thing.

What the base depicts is France, around July or August 1944. The diorama is entitled "A Moving Memorial".

This scene is based on a story that I read years and years ago and has always stuck in my memory. I am not sure exactly where this event took place but I know it was in the summer of 1944 in France. I always thought it would make a wonderful diorama and when Tamiya released its incredible Dragon Wagon kit I thought that this would be the opportunity to build this scene.

The dragon wagon has positioned itself in preparation of picking up an obviously out of commission Sherman.
As the crew (not shown) begins to pull the draw cables out of the spools on the wagon a young French girl and her Mother and younger sister have walked up to the Sherman.
The Sherman already has many different bouquets of flowers laid on it as well as other evidence of reverence, (i.e. scarfs, perhaps a few chalk thank you's written on the sides, not shown in these pics). In the little girls out stretched hand is a group of tied flowers.

The crew of this Sherman, now incinerated and entombed in their destroyed tank had spent the last day of their lives defending this village and when the crew was killed in battle, the remaining people of the town took the time to memorialize these brave men by placing flowers and mementos on the tank.
Now this little French girl is taking the time to thank this brave crew for defending her home by placing flowers on their tomb.

So there you go, that is the story behind the scene.

The base measures 31" inches by 16" inches.

I have done all kinds of water and have made it kind of a specialty but in this case since it was supposed to be stagnant, still water it was rather easy. I used epoxy resin for this water which was a first for me. I normally use acrylic resins for my water because of its wonderful clarity but this water needed to be murky and muddy so epoxy worked just fine.
The first layer was dyed dark green, the next a shade lighter with some brown included and the final layer was dyed just barely with a light tan mud-like color. The photos don't really give any indication of color change but there is a little bit more in person than can be seen here. I have included a kind of before and after pic of the scene so far.
The street is pretty much done except for a couple of small details and the vehicles are within just a couple of small touches of being finished. Now it is time to complete the scene with figures and everything will begin to focus.

I have included some photos of the civilian figures that are taking part in the scene. This is the little girl that will be holding a bundle of flowers to be placed on the tank.
I will post more pics as I go. I just thought it would be fun to see what you guys thought. If you would like to see other examples of my work please feel free to visit my gallery at


What a great site! I hope I can help a little and learn more. Thanks for looking.


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