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I really Love Dio's What a piece of ART !

December 5 2001 at 3:54 PM
Chris " Panzer " Mrosko  (no login)
from IP address

The Goverdomme Dio is the best that I have ever seen. It really rocks.Great Job. Chris Mrosko Warriors

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marijn van gils
(no login)


December 6 2001, 1:59 AM 

Thanks Chris!

By the way, could I ask you , as influential person in warriors, to please, please get a good quality priest produced, and if possible some more civilians. they are impossible to find!


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Chris " Panzer " Mrosko
(no login)

I will see what I can do

December 6 2001, 2:44 AM 

No problem I will see what I can do for you.Great Dio !

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marijn van gils
(no login)

Thanks! (nt)

December 6 2001, 3:34 AM 

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Jose. T. Rodriguez
(no login)

Ideas for Warriors (See message)

December 6 2001, 7:24 PM 

Hey Panzer Man How about some W.W.I figures. German, English, American, French, Russian, Poles, etc. Civilians would also be nice. Some W.W.I artillery would also be nice to see.

Something like a resin W.W.I trench section with all of the acessories would be a welcomed addition.

W.W.I is a great subject that no one is producing at the moment.

How about some W.W.II, and W.W.I KIA, German, USA, Japanese, Russian, British, Italian, French?

I would also like to see a update kit for the Russian SU-76. This should include a complete, corrected upper hull. It should also include a complete interior front, and back compartment. This would be one heck of a kit.

If you want any other suggestions, e-mail me in private. You know where to reach me.

Jose. T. Rodriguez
Tiger Productions

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Chris " Panzer " Mrosko
(no login)

There is a reason !

December 7 2001, 4:20 PM 

There is a reason why no one is producing WWI figurines.Nobody wants them or at least will by them ! So that Is why I wont produce them. I am a WWI freak and have a collection of WWI figs,I buy whatever I can find. Mrosko

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Marcel van Heijkop
(no login)

How about playing/climbing children?

December 9 2001, 5:20 AM 

Hey "Panzer-Dude",

How about some multipurpose set of playing children or children suited to climb all over a destroyed tank or halftrack? The contrast between the climbing children and the knocked out, once so fearsome Tiger or Panther would make a very interesting Summer 1945/1946 dio....(Personal obsession, sorry! )

BTW: Love your work Chris!

Best regards,


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Jean-Baptiste Verlhac
(no login)

Yes more civilians....

December 6 2001, 7:39 AM 

I can understand that as a manufacturer it's easier to sell some german figures but Marijn is right, Civilian figures are generally very poor (the choice is MK 35, Sol and civilian refugees from CDio and Gunze), a mulpose concept could also be interesting rather than many civilian figures

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charlie pritchett
(Login modeler)
Missing-Lynx members


December 6 2001, 3:33 PM 

And (excuse me) how about some dead civilians? I know it's morbid, but it certainly does reflect reality! A bombed-out ruin, with dead civilians (even children) would look even more authentic. Sure, it would be uncomfortable, but war in general is uncomfortable. I'm tired of "sugar-coating" our depictions of war. Let's move on to the next level of realism... (OK, I must be mental!!!)


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Jean-Baptiste Verlhac
(no login)

The thin red line

December 7 2001, 5:29 AM 

Hi Charlie
Sure it would be realistic but I think you can transmit the same message whithout dead bodies , just put a blanket on a body and you have the same message without beeing gore , add a teddy bear on the side and you finally transmit the same feeling , no??

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Fred Brassard
(Login brassardf)


December 7 2001, 5:18 AM 

What a piece! I only hope that some days I could do a dio half as fantastic as your dio, Marijn!

REally great!


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(no login)

Amazing !

December 7 2001, 6:01 AM 

I've never done a dio...never thought I would ...but looking at Marijn's incredible piece has given me the inspiration and determination to make a go of it.


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Dan Oldfield
(no login)

DG graphic

December 7 2001, 11:13 AM 

We'll have to change the graphic up top to keep current! Don't make a habit of this, Marijn!
Amazing work.

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Dennis Green
(no login)

Yeah, civilians

December 8 2001, 8:42 PM 

I've often wanted to see partisans. I have the old ESCI figure kit, but we could sure use more...Poles, French, Bolsheviks, Dutch, Ustachis,...heck, we could even use them in Budapest, (1956) Prague, (1968) or Bosnia (19now)! Panzer, whaddaya think? Is there a market?

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