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how do I paint this????

January 9 2002 at 8:00 PM
Paul Moses  (no login)
from IP address

First of all great site I have learned so much!!!!!
heres my problem i'm painting a piece of resin to look like a wood plaque how do I get it to look like wood grain? I seen it done but I dont have a clue I was told to paint the grain in with light brown then varnish over it but I think that would mess the paint up, any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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Matt Wellhouser
(no login)

Wood Grain

January 9 2002, 10:04 PM 


I have had very good luck using a technique demonstrated by Steve Weakley- a top notch figure painter.

Paint the desired "wood" piece flat white. Let it dry. Then take artists oil paints, colors such as burnt umber, raw umber, raw sienna paint over the white. Use a stiff brush, and remove most of the paint . As you do, the bristles of the brush will leave brush marks. You can "wiggle" the brush to give it varied wood grain. The light base will show through. This is really simple, and as you paint with the oils, you will see how you can make the wood grain. Once this is dry, you can always go back over and adjust any mistakes. You can coat with a dullcoat to give it the right sheen (or lack of). You can also go back and shade with a dark color to give depth around hardware. This works well for rifle stocks, etc. too.

Experiment- its hard to mess it up. Have fun-- Matt

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Steve Kubik
(no login)

Hot Dam!

January 17 2002, 9:49 PM 

WOW! Thanks for the tip, Matt. I've been experimenting with getting the wood grain right for months. This owrked just great.


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Scott Trerrotola
(Login camo)

try this!

January 9 2002, 10:12 PM 

Paint the piece in dark yellow (tamiyas will do). Once dry, put some burnt sienna watercolor on a fan brush and run it across the model. let it sit for a moment and in the meantime, clean the fan brush with water. Dampen the fan brush and streak across the model forming the grain. Seal with some gloss and wait about a half an hour. Take some raw umber oil paint and brush on. remove excess with a dry sponge and with a thin liner brush, move the remaining oil color in the same direction as the watercolor grain. To speed up the drying time of the oils, place under a light bulb.

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Paul Moses
(no login)

thanks guys!!!! n/m

January 11 2002, 5:06 PM 


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