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How does this idea sound

January 14 2002 at 7:39 AM
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from IP address

Picture a late war Eastern front, an SS Tiger 1 (mid or late)with a half track (250/251) siezing a T 34 commander fom the turret of his machine. The T 34 has lost a track and there are a number of Panzergrenadiers surrounding the stricken machine. Does anyone have possible dates and units. All comments gladly received.

Happy modelling

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I'm no expert... but..

January 19 2002, 6:42 PM 

If I had a Tiger tank under me, I'm sure I wouldn't drive it up to a T-34 to get its crew. From at least 1000 yards out I'd put a few AP shells through it, it would probably burn up, and there wouldn't likely be survivors. Any self respecting tiger would be damm sure a T-34 was completely knocked out before approaching, it would seem to me. How about some panzergrenadiers comming up on your disabled tank on foot or off some sort of fast vehical. This T-34 was left behind, so now the infantry can come up on it. Have a German pulling the Red Tank commander out of the hatch w/ one hand, with a potato masher raised in the other, w/ others with small arms at the ready...
Just my ideas, Peace,
Chris Storch


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No time for t-34's

January 22 2002, 8:31 PM 

I'm currently reading the book "Gotterdammerung", an account of the final days of the war in the East. With an overwhelming crush of Soviet armor constantly hammering the Germans, I doubt anyone would be much interested in capturing a T-34. The Germans would either be too busy running away from the other dozens of enemy tanks, or summarily put it out of its misery. No one ws in much of a mood to take prisoners, especially with the Red Army ramapaging thru German towns.
I don't mean to throw cold water on your idea. It might work better if it was placed in 1941 or '42, though.
My .02, hope it helps.

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Back to the drawing board guys

January 23 2002, 1:16 AM 

Ok so the tiger and the T34 are out. I still want to pursue the gun point surrender idea. We all know what would happen next to the Russians if the SS caught up with them... Maybe a partisan sweep, or an isolated pocket of rear guard Russians. I'm trying to cross reference my books and photos together with the vast experience of you guys. As always any comments gladly received.

Happy modelling

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Accuracy vs. Art

January 26 2002, 2:34 PM 

If you want to do the scene a certain way, to hell with historical accuracy. If it's a vignette that's remotely possible, build and then explain later. I personally don't like to stifle artistic inspiration with minor historical details. If you're going for complete accuracy, that's one thing, but making a cool looking diorama comes first for me. Do what you like...

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Can of worms

January 28 2002, 5:09 AM 

I'm giving up and getting my trains out again... ha ha!

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