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Flying aircraft Dioramas

April 10 2002 at 12:44 AM
  (no login)
from IP address

Can anyone suggest a method of portraying an aircraft
(a chopper)in flight above a scene below ranging from a relatively small light model(1-35 AH-6) to a large heavy model(1-35 blackhawk)and i'd prefer not drilling holes in them if possible thanks.

Chris C

p.s. 50 points to the first person to guess what the theme is original hey(laughing sarcastically)

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April 10 2002, 5:47 AM 


About the theme: is DML's Delta force gonna be in there somewhere?????

About the flying choppers: The most obvious would be to let the choppers rest on something (metal frame?) and camouflage that with shrubs or trees, kinda what is seen in the Huey-dio over at www.aircraftresourcecenter.com .
But in your case there probably won't be much bushes around (lots of sand, right?) so I guess your best should would be to use a firm piece of PMMA (=plexiglass) and let the choppers rest on that. As this is plastic you can glue it to them and it is transparent so not that distracting.
I'm planning on using it myself to display my Cobra in flightmode, but as for now I must admit I don't know for sure if it will look allright.
As allways: Dryfitting will give you the answer!!!!!!!

Regards, Harry

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Indeed they will

April 12 2002, 12:42 AM 

the deltas(snipers) will be in the back with the aircrew and a few bits n pieces ammo boxes coils of rope water cans stuff like that.Also THANKS to everybody for your ideas i'll give it a think which way i want to go.

Chris C

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(Login chuckmcneese)


April 10 2002, 7:25 PM 

If it's what I think it is, could it be possible to position the bird on top of "FastRopes" with Rangers or Deltas descending and dispersing from it? If so you could make the ropes from metal rod and disguise them as rope.
Just a thought.
Good Luck

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(Login chuckmcneese)

More on the subject

April 11 2002, 8:36 AM 

Hi again,
I've seen a CH-47 Chinook in a contest, suspended atop its sling-load of a 105mm howitzer in 1/72nd scale before. Instead of the rotors, rotor diameter plexiglass discs were installed and airbrushed to simulate "rotor-motion". The effect was simply breathtaking! the only thing missing was a sound chip,and dust in the rotor-wash.
Another contest model I've seen was a UH-1H suspended over the LZ by the Air-Cav troopers who were exiting both side doors. Not quite as elaborate as the Chinook but still very effective.
Now you've got my "creative Juices" flowing. I think I'll break-out that 1/35th UH-1B kit by "Seminar"and see what I can come up with!!!

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Flying helos

April 11 2002, 4:25 PM 

The idea of the plexiglass disc is good but also tilting the rotor mast forward or backward is a good idea too. Helos fly forward when the main mast is tilted forward and slow down when it's tilted to the rear. Tilt the rotor to the left or right means the helo will fly in that direction.

Instead of fast-roping, you can always have troops sitting with legs hanging out of the open cabin doors...similar to Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon: Desert Siege"---"We're on the way!"


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