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Why no superdetailed tanks in dioramas?

May 8 2002 at 2:02 PM
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Hello all,

I noticed an interesting characteristic of the dioramas in the AMPS contest a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd raise the issue to see what y'all think.

It seemed that the tanks, softskins, and/or artillery in the dioramas weren't as detailed as those in the regular categories. For a single model to be a strong contender for a gold or silver medal in a regular category, it's almost expected that the modeler will superdetail it. But that didn't appear to be the case in the diorama category; most of the models seemed to be built out-of-the-box (with little or no extra detailing) with more attention paid to the diorama's story and such.

Mind you, I'm among those who argue that the story must be the most compelling aspect of a diorama, but does that mean that super-detailed models and expertly painted figures are unnecessary? Is there room for the "art of the diorama" to be taken to new heights that we have yet to see?


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RE:super detail

May 9 2002, 12:39 AM 

Hi Steven

I think you may find (and im talking from my own perpective)that a lot of the time a really super detailed AFV will be lost in the whole picture of the diorama.

A single vehical has to stand out along side other single vehicals so the best way to do this is to open it all up and show it off.

A diorama is the telling of a story, a moment in history in 3D call it what you wish. You will find that a lot of diorama builders will detail there AFVs to quite some extent, but the whole point of the diorama is the story its telling


Keith Forsyth

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Well, geez....

May 9 2002, 5:18 AM 

...this is ironic. As a diorama builder I sometimes wonder if all the "super detailing" that most of us do gets the same attention as the single vehicle builders. By super detailing, do you mean the major scratch-building that Lynn Kessler did on his LVT, or that Rhodes Williams did on the Panther from last year? Heck, even my humble Shermans had quite a bit of tweaking to get them to the point where I would put them on the table. I think if you look carefully you'll see major effort put into every vehicle, as well as the figures, groundwork, etc. Maybe with all the stuff happening in a diorama the detail isn't jumping-out at the viewer, but it's there.


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Dio Details...

May 9 2002, 6:30 AM 

Hi Steven,

I am a great Diorama enthusiast and love to look for the "little extras" that some of the masters put into their scenes. I will build a kit with the intention of placing it into a dio, but my first priority is the vehicle itself. I also think that Keith pretty much hit the topic on the head about the "super detailed" kits. Lastly, if you're looking for the "art of the diorama" going to new heights take a look at Rhodes Williams work on "Last Panther in Pomerania". That dio is truly a work of art! Just my 2 cents.


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Go the brass and resin!

May 9 2002, 8:19 AM 

I agree that story is the most important element but hey why not go the whole hog.As long as its not a huge dio that would fry your soul, I reckon it would only make for a better more realistic dio in the end.Just draw the line somewhere I suppose (Hard sometimes with so much tempting aftermarket around.
Just my rambling thoughts.

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