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help out a newbie!

May 17 2002 at 6:02 PM
chris burge  (no login)
from IP address

this is my first real attempt at a diorama. i have the base and the building both assembled but i have not attached them together. i am kind of stuck on whether to paint the building first or like on another website i saw the guy place everything on the base and paint everything primer and then individual colors. i really want to assemble it but should i paint it first?? also, could you experienced guys out there give me the best ways to attach everything(debris,buildings,figures). i think i might have seen every website with how to's but please give me your's!

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Peter Williams
(no login)


May 20 2002, 7:41 PM 

In Ospreys wwii dioramas the buildings are attached to the base before painting and weathering,this way all the background features, like buildings, bridges,houses etc are able to be blended in to the overall colour theme. Both Shep Paine and V.P seem to use the same technique. I am presently building a 'snow diorama' with a destoyed church which i am painting first before attaching it to the base. I have a plywood base with foam landscape covered in claycrete. The church and the foam are attached with water based 'Selleys' liquid nails, also i use PVA glue for all groundwork,shrubs,grass,trees,dirt,etc.
Wish you all the best with your diorama, don't be worried, its a great art form and you do get better the more you build.

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marijn van gils
(no login)


May 24 2002, 2:57 AM 


you can choose any way you want. Myself, I usually paint it after attaching to the base, but if there is a lot of rubble and debris, I put this on after building and basic groundwork have their base colour. Afterwards I paint the rubble by hand.

For gluing groundwork, PVA woodglue is very good. You can thin it down a bit with water.
For all big elements (buildings, vehicles, figures,...), I always use two component epoxy glue (can be found in hardware stores): only this will ensure that it won't fall of after some time. For heavy items, or items with a small point of contact (figures!), I now always drill a hole in it and in the groundwork, and insert a metal pin. I have regretted not doing this in the past...

Good luck with your dio! And most importantly: have fun and experiment!


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