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Help needed building an Atlantic wall diorama

July 19 2002 at 5:45 AM
Jon Nikitas  (no login)
from IP address

I need help with the way the atlantic wall was set up. I need some drawings of wha the bunkers and trenches looked like. Thanks ahead of time. Jon

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Jakko Westerbeke
(no login)

Atlantic Wall

July 21 2002, 4:25 AM 

Not much in the way of drawings, but I do have photographs of what bunkers look like today: http://www.xs4all.nl/~gurth/afv/bunkers#photos

Trenches often consisted of single- or double-thickness brick walls, or of horizontal wooden planks with vertical poles to keep them in place. They don't seem to have been very deep, in most photos I've seen coming only to about waist level of soldiers standing in them.

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Jon Nikitas
(no login)

Thanx n/t

July 21 2002, 4:48 AM 

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James D. Farrow
(no login)

What scale

July 21 2002, 4:53 AM 

I gather you want to "scratchbuild" this stuff since
you are looking for plans. Sorry, I can't help you there. Just asked what scale as I have seen a few of these (bunkers, etc...) available in both 1/35th and 1/72nd scale. Thought maybe some of those might help.
Anyway, good luck with your project.


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Jon Nikitas
(no login)

Re:what scale

July 21 2002, 6:38 PM 

I was looking in the 1/35 scale thanks Jon

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James D. Farrow
(no login)

!/35 Scale Stuff

July 22 2002, 3:58 PM 

Well you can have a look at Great Models:


Use the Database (search) function and search for stuff like:

1/35 atlantic
1/35 bunker
1/35 coastal

or just experiment searching for whatever you like

and you should get a few results from Verlinden,
Custom Dioramics, etc...

One I noticed was from Custom Dioramics Kit# 7011,
Longues Battery Atlantic Wall Bunker - $95.95
There is no picture so I don't know what the heck they
are charging $100.00 for. Kinda expensive whatever it is.

Also, if you are into scratch-building, there is an Airfix Kit#6706 - Coastal Defense Fort. They have a picture of the box. I saw a review somewhere on this and the fort (coastal emplacement) looked really good. Had a removable roof also. It is in 1/72nd scale though. So you would have to measure all the pieces and then scratchbuild duplicate pieces double (approximately) the size.

Anyway, have a look.

BTW, I am not suggesting that you have to buy from there. I have ordered before and was pleased with the service. I am just referring to that site so you can search around and see if there is anything you can use.
Once you have the Manufacturer's Name and Product Code you can get it from there, or any other place you want to.



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Jon Nikitas
(no login)

Thanx a lot everyone n/t

July 23 2002, 4:05 AM 

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Harry Scholtmeijer
(no login)


July 22 2002, 1:43 AM 

Hi Jon,

I believe some movies are great references too, one of the best being Saving Private Ryan. A lot of shots of the trenches and bunkercomplexes in this one. At least a lot of inspiration for dio's!!!

Regards, Harry

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Wladyslaw Myslenicki
(no login)

beware of fantasy-bunkers

July 24 2002, 3:29 AM 


In 1:35 you don't have very much choice. As I remember, only PN Sud Modelisme and some of Accurate Armour. In general, Verlinden and Custom Dioramics are mostly pure fantasy structures. One of latest "Atlantic Wall" bunkers by Verlinden is a mixture of bunker from Metaxas Line (built in Greece by Greeks before the war) and tank turret (?). Another MG-cuppola bunker never existed in such a shape, armoured plate under the turret was NEVER placed there, then it's reversed - inner side placed outside. Pak bunker of CD is more or less similar to true bunker, but it's back side is fantasy again (there was NEVER added tank turret). Verlinden 5 cm KwK bunker seems to be OK.

In general, most of these models resemble true structures as much, as T-34 with balkenkreuz resembles a Tiger. All of them may act as a nice vignette, if you mean this.

In case of Germans, nearly all bunkers were highly standarized, there are known types and plans of most of them. Also, majority of strongpoints in Atlantic Wall is described quite well, so positions of bunkers and their types can be shown on a diorama.

PN Sud Modelisme 1:35 models are OK, but anyway I would advice comparing with plans and pictures of original bunkers placed in exact position - this same type might differ a little depending on location (outside details). Probably the best described battery on AW is Longues sur Mer - original guns are still in it's place.

In general, only option in present moment is a scratchbuilding, possibly with help of rescaling from 1:72 scale, eg. from PN Sud Modelisme, Accurate Armour or MDS Models.

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