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DAK Panzer II Diorama idea

October 8 2002 at 12:51 PM
  (Login rkwyckoff)
Missing-Lynx members
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I saw this on this website. I thought it would be a simple straight forward diorama. I like the Tamiya Panzer II. It is a nice kit, fast to build, and is fairly accurate. My only question is why would the Germans place a tank in this position. There seems to be no exit from the bunker for a fast get away. Any ideas and comments toward this idea are welcome.


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DAK Panzer II diorama

October 8 2002, 3:53 PM 

Ryan: Couple of comments on your diorama ideas. I've got several pictures of this vehicle. I believe they are from the Imperial War Museum. As you will observe, the person in the turret is a British soldier. I'm believe the photos were taken early in the campaign, likely June or July of 1941, I'm not sure of the location. It would appear that the vehicle was dug in and used as a static emplacement, perhaps due to engine or some other type of irreparable damage or wear. It also appears to have been abandoned before it suffered any kind of severe battle damage. The markings on the vehicle are RA$ - the regimental medical officer's vehicle - the dollar sign I used represents the medical cadaeus(?)- the snake coiled around a stick. It belongs to Panzer Regiment 5, 5th Light Division.
It is coloured Gelbbraun (light orange tan) over panzer grau (dark, charcoal grey). This Panzer II is an Ausf. A-C with 'stepped' frontal armour, applique panels and early style vision ports. It has the later turret cupola fitted to all Panzer IIs in Africa. The Tamiya kit is the later Ausf. F variant. You could do it the same as you see the one from your photo and not be far off the mark. The Panzer II had pretty well reached the end of its combat life by the time it was used in Africa and it is likely that some of the mechanically unsound Ausf. Fs wound up in a similar fashion - dug in on different African battlefields. Another way to go is to use the DML Panzer II C and replace the split turret hatch with the cupola from the Tamiya kit. If you check the 'panzer talk' DG, you'll see further information on this conversion. Now - don't let my babbling put you off - if you've got the Tamiya kit and like the diorama theme - go for it!! Cheers & Happy modelling! Dave Bailey

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October 8 2002, 6:06 PM 

Wow, thanks for all the info. It will be very helpful.

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stuart puckett
(no login)

survivability position

October 10 2002, 9:05 PM 

digging a tank in obviously sacrifices its mobility, these are known in modern terms as survivability positions, it is protected from everything but a flat trajectory direct hit on a small surface, the turret. it is capable of 360 traverse and could climb out in reverse in most situations. usually this is done with damaged or immobilized tanks that can be towed and shoved into position, if no ramp to the rear to get out it seems to be just such a case, a tank is still a tank, now its a pill box tank. all armies use these tactics, nothing german special here at all. sound use of a vehicle that is no longer fully mission capable.

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