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Weathering- what else to do after washes & dry-brushing???

July 17 2003 at 2:12 AM
Mark Morgan  (no login)
from IP address


As the message title says what are some other "things" I can do to make a HEAVILY weathered vehicle and in what order. Is there anything else apart from rust, scratches, mud, black exhaust marks, dents and combat damage ????

I am doing a winter dio involving 2 AFV's with individual winter white-washes. I have just put a very dark brown wash on a Nebelwerfer. What's next??? and in what order????

Please note that I live in New Zealand and can only purchase humbrol and tamiya paints easily. Cheers, Mark

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Bart Campbell
(no login)

Winter camo weathering

July 17 2003, 8:44 AM 

If you are doing vehs with a winter camo wash applied a great techinque is to dry brush the original veh colour over the winter wash. The winter wash will naturally come off in time in the field and will start to wear off on the edges. This will give your veh a fadded paint look.


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Steve Kansa
(Login SteveKansa)
Missing-Lynx members

I know...

July 25 2003, 7:38 AM 

Kiwi! Add lots and lots of Kiwi! Just Kidding, there are a couple of things that you could try. Please keep in mind though that one of the things that happens all too often is that people try and make a mediocre model into a 'winner' by weathering it MORE. Don't good clean construction is a must. No blobs of glue, no mold seams, etc. Another thing is that getting better at your existing techniques will advance your skills far more than any particular product will. Learning good techniques for paint chips is a big one. Mixing your Humbrol colors to produce a dark grayish brown and applied carefully (it's gonna take a while so don't rush) makes nice worn paint see the gallery for where people put this stuff. Product wise ordering some of Mig's pigments from Mission Models might be the additional product you are looking for. They really are fun to work with and have tons of uses. Just don't flick the Black Smoke on your light colored shirt and shorts; it doesnt come out too well...or so I've heard...!HTH- Steve

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