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11th Armur Div.

August 24 2001 at 6:39 PM
  (Login martyn_hoare)
from IP address


Can someone tell me,tell me were i can find out serial numbers for Churchill tanks around the Carpiquet area,Which was a rail/marshaling yard near caen. Also around Scheldt area. These towns were both taking by the British. I need to know the serial number of any churchill tank around these to towns.


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Can't really help you, but some additional info...

August 25 2001, 1:34 AM 

Carpiquet is (stil)a small airfield near Cean, and the Scheldt (or Schelde as it's called here) isn,t a town but a river estuary. The towns surrounding this river are Antwerp (Belgium) and Bergen op Zoom, Goes and Middelburg on the isle of Walcheren.
The battles for liberating the estuary so the Antwerp harbour could be used were fierce. The villages called Woensdrecht and Hoogerheide were destroyed completely.
The battles for Walcheren were a long, slow going in muddy, flat terrain.
Jakko Westerbeeke lives there in the neighbourhood and is probarly able to tell you a lot more about it.
PS: Within a few months I will upload a series of pictures of the area, but I'm waiting for the weather to turn bad, so conditions will be similar as in 1944.

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martyn hoare
(Login martyn_hoare)


August 25 2001, 1:41 AM 


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See the General discussion group

August 25 2001, 7:19 AM 

Martyn, I've posted my reply to your question in the other group you posted it in, but Rob is right that I live in the area, so if you have some questions about Walcheren and/or the fighting here back in 1944, I can probably give you an answer unless you're asking for too much detail

BTW, Rob: waiting a few months will also get rid of all the tourists who'd make your photos look decidedly unlike 1944

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August 25 2001, 11:06 AM 

Jakko, is there any chance we can do a tour together, as your knowledge of the area is far more greater thrn mine?
and btw, sorry for misspelling your last name.

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Check your e-mail...

August 26 2001, 1:38 AM 


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(Login martyn_hoare)

thanks all

August 25 2001, 2:42 PM 


Thanks this time all. The Scheldt/walcheren regions part was helpful, I would like to see some pics for a future dio if u want? No I know a bit more about whats going on, this is wot im gonna do:

First of all the americans were meant to get this town called Cassino, they failed the british paras came in and failed but the canadians didnt. Im having a rotting churchill mk7 from the previous attack, whilst a canadian scrounges ammo for his new M1A1 from the American.

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