Made by a master, Tim Mac

March 29 2006 at 6:26 AM
JayDCobden  (Login JayDCobden)

I finally just did it,and ordered a custom gun from from Tim,at Mac-1, He is so pleasant,and humble, it amazed me. His knowledge just made it simple. I feel he is a legend, and wanted a creation by him. Looking through his gallery, I saw what I would like. I also saw others that someday I hope to own. I'm going with a Co2 rifle of his design,an extended bulk co2 chamber, then a pellet sampler of his choice in .22, then a scope of his choice, from his used selections. Mine will be a .22 caliber, and I also just ordered whatever he felt I needed. I was just stunned by his knowledge, and felt like I had 200 percent trust in him. This man is a legend, and I'll be bragging to my grand children about my handmade Tim Mac gun!!! I could sense he was about perfection, and money was a pain. I could tell he would not allow shortcuts, or anything up to his standards leaving his hands. I'm building a custom stock out of exotic hardwoods, to hold his creation. When it all comes together,I'll share photos. I'm so excited!!! It's like having a Van Gough Airgun! Sincerly,Jay D Cobden

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