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Spencer, hear me and hear me well....

April 8 2006 at 9:54 AM

Steve in CT  (Premier Login q1q)

I e-mailed you before about forum etiquette. You attacking a veteran airgunner and seasoned member of the community on this forum doesn't sit well with me. I choose to do this publically this time, not to embarass you but to get more of your attention.

What I expect from you is

1. Tone it down

2. Keep it to questions and answers about airguns and leave ethics to us. Keep your posts to a MINIMUM.

3. Do not lecture adults, you are too young for that, try to listen and learn and keep shooting safety always in your head.
Generally speaking when you are lips are moving, you are not learning much.

You will not hear from me again, I have kids too and I know I have to say things over and over and I have done that with you, but next time the hammer drops and you are running out of forums that welcome you.

Think about it.

Forum Owner

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