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EVERYONE Please where you get your 4500 PSI Fills and we can bookmark it

July 23 2007 at 9:54 PM

Joe Brancato <><  (Login n6yyo)

Let's all start this thread together. Everyone asks the same question, so lets make a record of where to get 4500 fills. In each subject line put the town, State, and name of the store(s) that fill to 4500 PSI. Add as much information as you can. Then we can bookmark this page
I'll start with a example of where I get mine filled.

(EDIT) PLEASE PLEASE put the name of your town and state in the subject line. It makes it much easier to know a city & state, versus just a store name w/o info. You can also add as much info in the subject line as you can, i.e. $5 for a 4500 PSI fill, telephone number, etc. Put anything that doesn' fit into the body of the post.

Since posting this 8 years ago, I have gotten my own Bauer compressor. I now offer FREE 4500 PSI fills at our Airgun Shop in Huntington Beach, CA.

Call 714-907-0067

Thanks folks

Joe <><

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