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Crosman Nitro Review.

June 22 2009 at 6:13 PM

Steve in CT  (Premier Login q1q)

This is a short review of the Crosman NITRO Piston .22 Rifle. A Nitro piston is another description of the well known and well liked Gas ram piston. Instead of a steel spring that eventually tires or breaks, the nitro piston is a self contained unit which when compressed stores up energy similar to a coiled up spring. That energy gets unleashed with the trigger pull to compress the air in front of it and push the pellet out.

Unlike regular springers, the NITRO piston can stay cocked in hunting situations for long periods of time, without worrying about the spring taking a set.

[linked image]

There are claims that a gas piston has a shorter lock time (Time it takes the pellet to leave the rifle). Shorter lock time means shorter time the rifle dynamics can act on the pellet to affect accuracy. This at least in theory, I am no expert on this.

The rifle out of the box comes with a 3-9x40 center point scope with fair clarity and target knobs that can be adjusted by finger clicking. The plus for me it is also a mildot.

[linked image]

In the box you will also find one piece mounts with scope stop capability. On the rifle near the rear top there is a hole to accept the scope stop screw residing inside the ring and not visible when mounted. Dovetailing is smooth and nice.

[linked image]

The synthetic stock is of higher quality seen on much higher priced rifles and it also has raised dimple checkering at the hold places for a firm hold.

The rifle comes with a shroud but I am not sure hw much it does to the report. To my ears it sounds like an out of the box Beeman RX-2.

The trigger is a two stage one with a heavy first stage but well defined. The second stage out of the box broke at around 5 lbs of pull but there is an adjustment screw for second stage fine tuning.

Cocking this rifle is very smooth and lighter than an RX model.

[linked image]

The rifle weighs around 9.3 lbs with the mounts and scope attached.

A quick run over the chrony produced this velocities with Crosman premiers 14.3 gr pellets.

763 Almost 18 ft-lbs of energy

And these with 21 gr Kodiaks.

574 Less power than the CPs only ~ 15.5 ft-lbs

With the scope quickly mounted and a target placed at 15 yards it seems the rifle likes the Kodiaks better than the premiers. Here is the groups.


[linked image]


[linked image]

Is this rifle worth the money? Based on the workmanship, the power and accompanying accessories and if the accuracy holds out to 30 yards (My personal springer limit) I would say its worth more. Photo's accuracy test


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