36 ft lb Monster break Barrel .............

August 25 2009 at 9:12 PM

Chris  (Login C.A.P)

Yes, 36 ft lbs approaching 37..........

I have built the first ever to my knowledge a GAS RAMMED Gamo 1250 / Hunter Extreme.

Its a 36 ft lb monster. . This is the real deal. (Video proof as usual) . This platform was chosen not for its name but rather its build characteristics. ( Although I do stand by that it is a BSA design) This is the only air gun with a piston stroke long enough (over 5 inches) and a chamber large enough to generate the needed air and still be strong enough to hold it. Combine that with the solid billet machined end plug and a 4 point mounting action, you have a platform that has both strength and function.

Yes, the factory trigger is JUNK. However with gold trigger and some polishing I can get a great trigger that is repeatable and lets off at 1.5 lbs

This gun has extensive reworkings. It power plant is a Theoben Gas ram but that is it..... The piston and the innards are all re worked and new machined parts are installed. The barrel is a .22 Lothar Walther match grade . There is some dampening and special parts added. Piston seals is replaced and reworked for the power. The stock is pinned and pillared. The power of this gun is UNBELIEVABLE. Its doing around 1070 average with 14.2 Super H . That my friend is 36 ft lbs. I had no Silver Bears to test but would calculate at least a 75 fps increase as well as ft lbs too. I will test them but at those speeds its not gonna be stable as under 1100 fps.

I am finishing up final testing and sighting in this design in a .25 cal version. I suspect over 30ft lbs with that too. . So far its very accurate at 1100fps. Its amazing at 40 to 50 yards. Its like a .22 rim fire. I am finishing up the muzzle brake for it. The stock is textured black Truck bed liner with stainless steel spacers and pillars. its been reinforced internally and at the mounting points with pins.

As you can see from the video there is little to NO muzzle jump. Its very smooth for the power it generates. And may I add ITS A LOT !

This was a design that was extensive and a long time in the works. I have always been intrigued by the gas rams and their ability to be cocked for long periods of time. Make no mistake! This is a HUNTING machine............ Want to take that 50 yard shot GO FOR IT !

Here is the video and some pics.


[linked image]?t=1251249028

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