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December 26 2010 at 8:54 PM

Steve in CT  (Premier Login q1q)

The Crosman Marauder Pistol, or P-rod as many of you affectionately call it, arrived at my doorstep the day before Christmas Eve. As many of you were thirsty with curiosity,So was I.

In my earlier snobish days, I would still buy Crosman guns but I would not expect to get the same performance or near quality the European guns provided.

All of that has changed with the launch of the Marauder series. I am fortunate to have experienced and own the full Marauder series, .177, .22, the .25 full rifle which has been the most pleasant surprise, in the consistency/accuracy/power department.

I bought a 1700P .177 PCP Pistol that I liked so much, when I saw a second one on the classifieds, I grabbed it immediately.

So as a company, Crosman in my eyes is moving in the right direction. They are a customer oriented company and listen to our likes and dislikes. From shrouded, quiet, powerful and accurate PCPs to now this, A PCP pistol, lets see

The Marauder Pistol.

The anticipation of what to expect was thrilling and Crosman NOT only did not disappoint, they indeed delivered a package that exceeded my expectations.

The P-rod is slimmer than it looks in online pictures. It weighs 4.6 lbs with the carbine
Stock and the scope mounted on. The Carbine stock comes in the box with the gun. I found it very thoughtful of Crosman.

In Pistol configuration is 18 long but my favorite carbine set up is only 30 long.

To fill the pistol, just connect your microbore hose with the female forster quick connect,
directly to the gun. Open the tank valve slowly and watch the needle on the onboard gauge climb to 3000 PSI. Shut and bleed and you are done. No more probes to get lost.

[linked image]

[linked image]

The size of the reservoir is small, which gives the added advantage of many more fills
from your Scuba tank.

For example, If you have a gun with 400cc reservoir that gives you 24 shots per fill and a reservoir of less than 150cc giving you the same amount of 24 shots, the smaller reservoir will make your Scuba Tank last longer.

The trigger of the Pistol is what left a big wide grin on my face. Having bought the
1700P first and having to deal with the 2240 trigger, squeezing the P-rod trigger is a
Hunting Pistols dream come true.

The trigger is really nice, 2 stages, mine set to cleanly break at 1.8 lbs. The over travel screw on the trigger guard makes a nice addition. Screw it clockwise until the trigger is prevented from firing the gun. Turn ΒΌ turn counter clockwise until the gun just fires.

[linked image]

The trigger might hold part of the secret why this gun is truly accurate. When you are trying to hit your target, fighting with the trigger should not be one of your tasks. This gun nicely eliminates that.

The magazine holds 8 shots and is smaller in size than the standard Rifle one. A set of BKL Mounts allowed my 1 tube scope to sit high enough and have clear space for the magazine to go through. Low style mounts wont allow for that.

I found the magazine opening easy to load a single pellet without needing a single shot tray.

[linked image]

The average velocity right out of the box and without doing any adjustments I would say is 650 fps with 14.3 gr Crosman Premier .22 pellets. This works to about 13.5 ft-lbs of energy and at 40 yards it goes through both sides of a tough soup can.

I run a string of 3 plus magazines over the chronograph as you will see below. This is the real life and true out of the box number of shots, in stock form, when the gun is filled to 3000 PSI.

After quickly mounting a cheap scope (Leapers 3-9x40), I zeroed the Pistol to hit
dead on at 9 yards, 1 mil-dot up at 15 yards, 1.5 mil dots between 22 and 25 yards and back down to zero at 40 yards.

I headed into the nearby woods, with the imminent storm coming, the bushy tails were feverishly feeding about.

I spotted this one on an oak tree, half way down the main stump, head facing the ground. Since I am not too familiar with the pistol yet, I aimed for a body shot. I ranged the beast at 32 yards. I placed the 1st mildot above the crosshair, just behind his shoulder. Thats exactly where the CP landed. He fell to the ground and was gone by the time I got to him. It was very cold; I turned back and came home.

I took the scope off to switch mounts.

[linked image]

Below is an 8 shot target at 30 yards, the pistol was dressed with his carbine rear stock and well rested. Remember this pistol is STOCK, nothing done to it after taking it out of the box. Yes, I am tickled and as you read on the forum, I am not the only one experiencing this kind of performance.

The Printed Chrony string below was shot without determining the guns sweet spot.
In New England, you wouldnt need to take a bottle with you on a squirrel hunt. Plenty of consistent shots.

[linked image]

The second target is another 8 shot magazine at 40 yards. All within the kill zone of small game.

[linked image]

As you see in this picture below the gun can fit in a pistol case or a backpack easily. With a screwdriver, it transforms itself into a little menacing rifle. I was plinking at cans at over 60 yards. I did run a few felt cleaning pellets soaked in cleaner and some dry ones to follow. The barrel like every new gun needs to be cleaned but don't get abrasive, easy does it.

[linked image]

The soup can below was shot at 45 yards, I adjusted for height to hit the middle on the last shot.

[linked image]

One thing I didnt mention was the muzzle report. It is definitely not as quiet as the marauder rifles. The marauder rifles are simply VERY quiet but the pistol is noisier.
How noisier? Dont know but in comparison, it is quieter than an RWS34, or an R9.

Any regrets? Quite the opposite. I love my little P-rod and I thank Crosman for climbing up the quality ladder paying attention every step of the way. Worth the money? Every Penny. What do you pay for an S200 or worse S400? Why expect Crosman to charge you a lot less when they deliver similar product? Thumbs Up.

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