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My .22 Gamo Dynamax Review

March 8 2011 at 6:25 PM
Jason  (Login jbladedx)

Ive had my Dynamax nor for about a week and a half and shot roughly 500 rounds through it. I got to say I really like this rifle! It's very nice looking, the stock Is identical to the BSA scorpion and lightning xl tactical. Everything else on the gun Is A BSA Sportsman HV. This gun Is BSA all the way and It performs like it. Its made in England and looks to be of very good quality.

I really like the 10 shot rotary magazine, its self indexing and all metal. It did jam up a couple times but after 5 or so clips through the gun it worked itself out anf now is working flawlessly. Eun Jin 28 grain pellets do not fin in this clip. Everything else I tried worked great. The trigger is nice and light although the first stage seems a really long, but I will try to adjust this since it is adjustable.

The scope it came with looks nice but the dot in the middle is just to big for precise shooting. I took it off and went to wal-mart and picked up a 4-12x40 A/O bushnell sportsview for $69 very nice scope for the price IMO. The gun Is light and will probably turn into my main hunting gun. It has studs for a sling, synthetic stock, 10 shot magizine, light wieght, and power. IMO I think the perfect hunting rifle.

I shot 4 types of pellets at 35 yards and all were accurate the gun is not pellet fusy. Here are the results and a 35 shot string with 21 grain barracudas

Barracuda 21 grain 3200 psi Ave=747fps
1) 734 11) 747 21) 763 31) 742
2) 732 12) 753 22) 763 32) 739
3) 733 13) 754 23) 750 33) 730
4) 728 14) 758 24) 756 34) 725
5) 731 15) 759 25) 746 35) 713 end 1750 psi
6) 747 16) 756 26) 756
7) 745 17) 749 27) 755
8) 743 18) 751 28) 755
9) 742 19) 758 29) 747
10) 747 20) 761 30) 748

All were shot with a 3200 psi fill and average was a 15 shot string

JSB Exact 15.8 = 866fps
JSB Exact 18.1 = 822fps
CPHP 14.3 = 895fps
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