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Louisiana laws

April 3 2011 at 10:37 AM
robert  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to Airgun Hunting and DNR Seasons Question

Can't find airguns mentioned, either pro or con. They do spell out certian requirments in specific cases.

For instance, they spell out ".22 Rimfire, .36cal. or smaller primitive firearm, or shot gun" for racoon and opossum. No wiggle room there. On my own property, I feel free to ignore that, and have busted them with airguns and various handguns.

For rabbit and squirrel, it is "not larger than .22 rimfire or primitaive rifle larger than .36caliber". Talking to a local game officer, he agreeded that a pellet gun is not "larger than .22 rimfire". Haven't pushed my luck with a .25 airgun.

Off season big critters (varmints, or "outlawed quadupeds") would be coyotes, feral hogs, and armadillos. Have a confused set of regulations about Nutria, but if they are damaging flood protection levys, shoot them. If I wanted to technically live inside of the outlines of those requirements, would need a sub .36cal. airgun (one of the 9mm's or one of the .308's would be good).

Blackbirds, crows, cowbirds, and grackles can be shot year round during legal hunting hours if they are "depredating or about to depredate ornamentals, shade trees, or agricultural crops." Or if "consentrated in such numbers as to cause a health hazard". Of the group, grackles and cowbirds are more likely to be suburban pests.

So far as I know, your typical rat isn't protected (although Voles and other country realitives of the urban rat are).

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