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the new .177 FAC webley raider 10 (here's some solid info) :

July 30 2011 at 5:17 AM
paul d self  (Login ranedouglas)

i finally got to shoot a few through this one. i thought it would like 11.5 grain silver arrows but it liked the 10.65 grain cometa marlin (baracuda/kodiak) pellets much better. the gun handles and fires in everyway like the raider 10's made in england that appeared to be comprised of FX parts - except the shot count seemed a little better, velocities higher, and there is no shroud (it does have a 1/2 20 threaded muzzle). the first group is ten silver arrows at 50 yards - not very impressive at all. the other groups are w/ the marlin pellets shown. the trigger has the gold look but functions just like the previous version of radier 10's - a finely adjustable trigger w/ light break. this one fills to 200 bar (3100 psi) and shoots down to 100 bar very well w/ the sweet spot being around 160-140 bar. it weighs about 7 pounds and has the traditional shorter length - i'm guessing 42" long. the clip and loading action function smoothly even when used in rapid succession. i have made a video clip of me shooting it through the chronograph with and without the threaded muzzle device. you'll have to email me for that and i'll i provide the link - i was unable to ask permission to leave a direct link to my website. i suspect that the groups will get better as the barrel becomes seasoned. it does appear to be a hatsan barrel, but i am not certain of the origins. i was told by the previous owner of webley and scott, rodger williams, that all webley products would be made in turkey now. webley and scott is under newer ownership and things appear to be moving much faster than before. hopefully we will soon see tomahawk quattro rifles and more, but for the near future, it will likely be the turkish-produced tempest pistols and alecto/alecto ultra pistols (the ultra is more powerful and may have a 110mm barrel extension), the quatrro patriot, and the raider 10. this raider 10 has a suggetsed retail of $650. please give some feedback if you know of something i have left out or not been made aware of. i'll check back with this thread periodically to address any questions. (regretfully, I DO NOT HAVE A SOURCE FOR ANY WEBLEY PARTS AT THIS TIME.) if you do not recieve answers, please feel free to email me. ........ and please believe me when i say that this review was not easy for me to do in a non-biased way - i simply love webley products. i am contented that there are still developments, while at the same time, heartbroken at the loss of the brittish-crafted products. i found it easier to just digest the products for what they are now - not what they could have been or once were. i even find myself proud after lube-tuning a post-2007 turkish-made tomahawk (or longbow) and seeing it group well with .177 cphp's at 970 fps (or 820 fps from a longbow) with that distinctive 'webley snap' shot cycle. here are some photos for your education and enjoyment. thanks for looking. - paul d self. . . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 002 . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 003 . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 004 . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 005 . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 031 . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 040 . . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 027 . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 012 . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 033 . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 038 . webley.hatsan.raider.R-11 039 . . - ps: i will be reviewing the .25 caliber webley patriot quattro next, and the perhaps, the .22 webley tempest pistol. .webley alecto ultra specs : Alecto Ultra3-1 .

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