121 FPE in Condor 25 with cast bullets

September 17 2011 at 5:28 PM
unrepentantsinner  (Login unrepentantsinner)

I have been playing with cast bullets in my 25 Condor for the past month.

I got into the cast bullet thing with air guns when I bought my Ranger 45, I was not new to casting, at one time I owned 33 bullets molds, but had sold them all to travel asia for a while.

When I got the Ranger 45 I purchased a 408 to 420 grain mold, depending on the alloy and realized how much I missed casting my own bullets.

I had been reading of casting 25 acp bullets for the Condor but had difficulty finding a mold. Midway recently offered the RCBS mold for a 52 grain roundnose, it is basically just a overgrown 22 lr bullet.[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

I started off with 25-1 because that was what was in my melting pot and cast up several hundered over a period of 3 weeks. I do not have a sizer die yet, and the slugs are oversize and difficult to seat in my lead. As a result I end up deforming bases as I push them in with both thumbs and a paint stick which gives me a 1 in 6 alibi for fliers as like I say, I tend to deform the bases. I have been averaging 5 out of 6 shot into less than 3/4 inch at 36 yards the way they are now, the flyers puts them at 1.5 inches. Hopefully when my custom ordered sizer from Lee Prescision comes in it will improve groups. Mellowmarvin from the TAG has been doing this for some time and gets moa at 100 yards with his at around 910 to 920 FPS.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

One of the things that improved Marvins groups was to step up his velocity. I had been averaging 930 FPS with a 2800 PSI fill. I suspected my Condor stock spring was tired, and why it was not opening the valve at higher pressures. I am using a stock Condor hammer and weight and a RLAirguns valve stem.

SO this morning I stepped things up a bit. I had an extra airarcher spring, which has a wire thickness of .080 compared to .062 for the Airforce spring. I opened the end so that it would snap on the power wheel like the orginal and then cut the spring back to 3.5 inches and reset the end flat.

Next I set the top hat out from the .01 I had it at and put it at .013.

Setting up my chrony 15 feet form the muzzle, I startd filling a little higher each time and ended up with a fill of 3200 PSI, at that level the first 6 shots are in the 1000 FPS level going from 1013 to 1003 before droping into the 990 FPS range for another 6 shots. My chrony was set up 15 feet from the muzzle so that means the adjusted FPS at the muzzle is 1024 which computes by Handloads.com to 121 FPE.

Accuracy wise the rifle did improve, I shot a 10 shot group into 3/4 inch horizontally and 1 inch vertical.

I am still working on the project, I am hoping that when I get that sizer die, the velocity will improve due to not having to use air pressure to size the slug in the bore, and the fact that I notice a verticle stringing dependent on the pressure required to seat the slug.

It makes for a very flat shooting combination, with a zero at 70 yards, and a 3 inch scope height, the slug never goes above 1.1 inches to 70 yards and then drops less than 1.85 inches to 85 yards.

The 25 ACP handgun pushes a 50 grain slug at 750FPS, this Condor at 245 yards equals the muzzle velocity of the 25 acp at the muzzle.

Not something I would want to take on a hoard of apocolyptic flesh eating zombies with, the Ranger 45 has that postion filled, but a fine coyote calling set up for out to 85 yards using a point blank setting.

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